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  1. in that case id go with the lowest price as its not a big job at all. There are plenty of satellite cowboys out there who will happily rip you off and 195 quid for that is a disgrace.
  2. that would depend on a few things, dish location, is at ground height or on a chimney ? how many cables into the lnb ? how many cable feeds do you need ? how long is the cable run ? what quality cable is used ? are the entrance holes into the property filled in or covered and what connectors do you need ? these are all thing you would need to ask the installer
  3. you need around 24-24mb download speed to stream 4k without buffering.also not many laptops, if any have a 4k screen
  4. theres plenty of 4k content available via satellite (not sky uk). theres also a few 4k blu rays available.the problem with 4k is, 8k is already on the horizon so it needs to be staggered.sky uk wont be doing 4k anytime soon as they dont even transmit anything in 1080p. its all upscaled 720p to save satellite capacity. germany are trialling 3 4k channels at the moment and hope to be broadcasting to the public around october
  5. i can install it for 15 quid.. you will need a valid key which you would have to phone microsoft.cant see it being much now win 8 is out
  6. if its spinning then its recoverable. feel free to drop it off (handsworth) and il see what i can do. no fix no fee. pm me for my phone number to discuss it further. regards
  7. Hi.i can install win 7 64 bit for 15 quid. drop off/pick up handsworth.same day service.cheers
  8. you may demand them to send out an engineer. they are obliged to as they have to sort it.they cannot leave you without tv as they were allocated alot of money by the government to do so when they were selling 4g spectrum to bidders.if they refuse then tell them what ive just told you.they have no argument
  9. iam 33 now and went there all the time since i was about 5. those courts were always neglected.then i remember they did them up apart from the very top astroturf 1 which everyone plays footy on anyway.a year after doing them up they were in the same state as before so iam not sure the council would be willing to spend again on it as the end result would be the same. by the way, when its snowing, go sledging down the golf course, what a ride !
  10. Hi, what sort of standard are you all at ? do you have a team or is it just a shoot around ? used to be a very good player but iv lost my shot/touch and need to get it back so iam pretty poor
  11. yeah i saw that.dunno what he did. this season is really hotting up now.its going down to the wire i think.
  12. do you have windows license sticker on bottom ? i supply and install hard drives with windows installed. same day service.handsworth drop off and pick up:)
  13. download wiziwig tv for windows. game is on there. they now show every championship match live aswell
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