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  1. Hi guys! I have a slight leak from one spot on my roof. It seems that water gets through some little space between the tiles near the chimney. Is it easily repairable? Is it possible to put some material there that would stop the water coming through there? Or to replace some tiles? What sort of price I could expect? Thanks Phil
  2. Hi guys! My boiler has stopped heating the water. The pilot light is on, the gas heater in the dining room (part of the same unit, but having its own fire) works fine, the radiator pump works fine, water circulation works, the thermostat seems to be working (I can hear the clicking sound when turning). The only thing that does not work seems to be the ignition as the boiler does not fire up. It had been working up until Friday so I don't think it should be suddenly stuck, dirty, etc. Does anybody know how to fix/replace ignition and how much it might cost (or how to find where the problem is)? Thanks
  3. Hi there! I am learning Spanish and I would like to meet some Spanish people. I like their mentality, their language, I like endless discussions about football, culture, history or whatever. Are there any places around where I could feel a bit of Spanish language?
  4. Hi there, I would like to find a singing guitar player in Rotherham and make a singing guitar duo. I have studied classical guitar and played also some Spanish music, rock stuff and folk songs and used to be a guitar tutor, but at the moment I play mainly Fender Stratocaster – fingerstyle with a very smooth tone so I am very close to an acoustic guitar. I could easily play with an acoustic guitar player, as I am not that kind of guitarists who think “the louder, the better”. I used to be a singer in a band but because English is not my native language and I personally don’t like my own accent, I don’t sing very often at the moment. But I believe I am capable of singing, many musicians like my singing. I would like to form a duo that would play well-known songs so we could later try some public performances (pubs, etc.) and we could also do some improvisation. I would like to find somebody who is skilful enough (it will not take 6 months to learn Come As You Are) and is fun to play with (will not take himself/herself too seriously). I don’t like prejudiced musicians (with attitudes as – I don’t play this because it’s too commercial. I don’t play that because it’s 80’s. I don’t play this one because it’s Beatles and I don’t play that one because I am a rocker, etc.) It would also be good if you had some sense of humour so we could do some music jokes, parodies, etc. It’s better to turn it into fun if we make a mistake, rather than become hysterical because the chord no. 264 in the song should have been Cadd9 instead of Csus2.
  5. Hi there, I know a brilliant professional pianist and I would like to help him to get some opportunities for real (paid) playing. Are there any venues around that would need a pianist capable of playing all well-known easy listening pieces (from classical to modern music)? A violinist might also join. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, is there anybody who enjoys classical music? I would like to go to some concerts with some nice people. It's alright to feel classy sometimes. I am 31, so it would be good if you were of (roughly) similar age. Now I feel like on a dating site.
  7. When were areas (or some estates) of Rotherham built? Is it possible to find some information on internet?
  8. Hi guys, I would like to find somebody who would teach me kickboxing in Rotherham. I have never done it and I would appreciate somebody who would be able to explain all details to me and have an hour for me on a weekly basis. I would prefer "private lessons" rather then group sessions where you are just lost among other people. Thanks
  9. Hi there, It seems I will have to replace my window hinges. Some of the sliders (or how are the little things in the frame called?) seem to be snapped and the windows don't close properly because of that. Is there anybody out here who would be able to do it? Would you advise how much roughly it might cost? I would need to fix 4 windows, all of them are about 30cm x 70cm pop out bedroom windows. Thanks
  10. Hi there, I've got a problem with my radiators. Everything worked fine and then I tried to set the thermostat to a bit lower level. But hot water completely stopped flowing into radiators. So I tried to put it back as I thought that radiators work only on the highest temperature (bought the house a few months ago). But it did not help at all and they stay cold. Of course I then tried to bleed them (to let the air escape from all radiators and from the pump). I bled quite a lot of cold water until the hot started coming out. And then radiators went on and were hot. But two of them (downstairs) were hot only on the top, and the bottom stayed cold. However, when I turned the boiler on today, radiators stayed cold again. It seem like the cold water would not go away and would not make some space for new hot water. Where the problem might be. What do you think, how much could the service cost? Could you recommend anybody or is here at the forum anybody who is able to help? Thanks a lot
  11. Hi there, anybody from Hoyland or Elsecar? Would it be a good place for a quiet, peaceful and civilised life? Would it be easy to get to Rotherham town centre in the morning? Thanks
  12. Hi there, anybody from this area? How is life in this part of Rawmarsh? Is it a place where you can live a normal civilised life or is it a dangerous hole where you should never go if you want to stay alive?
  13. Hi there! Is it normal when somebody (estate agency) is selling a property, but is not able to provide any photos, information, details (dimensions of rooms), viewing is not available (tenanted property). How can you even offer the money when you can't see what it is?
  14. Hi there! If you live in this area where do you go to shop? I mean big supermarkets like Morrisons, Asda, Aldi, etc. Which one of them is the nearest?
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