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  1. Your right and I think they are thinking that they can't be bothered with the hassle in 9 years time. No we don't know where we are at at all we don't even know who owns the freehold. Today I asked the neighbour for the invoice of ground rents it's property's 242 -248 we are 244 so the neighbour at 242 has been responsible for the ground rent for the past 111 years! Our solicitor has wrote to savills who are acting as agents for Sheffield diocesan board of finance church house Rotherham. Is that the freeholder? Who we need to be contacting to extend the lease? Sorry that's long hope it makes sence. Thankyou.
  2. Hello I am looking for some advice. We are currently selling a property on Sheffield 5 for 80-85k. We have had lots of viewings but have been asked about the leasehold. Once we told them that 89 years was outstanding on the lease every single person has backed out. So we have contacted our solicitor as we don't know who owns the land for a lease extension or to purchase the freehold. Our house is mud terrece in a row of 4 we all have the same lease duration but we have never paid the £4 per year fee as our next door is the lease head holder and they have allways paid. It's very confusing and is getting us really down as we want to move. Can anyone tell us how they extended there lease and the cost or just any help or positivity on this matter. Kind regards.
  3. I'm so confused I have built a new house on the side of my current house I'm living in. I now want to split the 2 property's 1 for my mum to live in and I'm going in my new build. I have filled in the AP1 form and had a Architect to draw up some plans. Land registers has wrote to me asking for me to arrange a ordnance survey detail to be lodged showing the exact extent (by red edging or colouring) of the land to be included in each title. How do I get this and where from? Thanks to anyone who can help me many thanks.
  4. It's a bit of a weird shape to be fair it's kind of oblong but goes to a point. I'm just concerned that if I purchase the land for around 100k and build for 100K what my return would be.
  5. I'm wanting to build just 1 house for myself but I was worried the land was not enough for what we wanted. Detached 2 story prefer 4 bed.
  6. Thanks cyclone I really like the idea of what your family member did. Great advice thanks everyone x
  7. Hello. I'm looking at purchasing a piece of land with outline planning. The size is 1119 square metres,I understand this is around a quarter of a acre. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what would fit on something of this size. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi cyclone That sounds so nice. So they had like a fake wedding then had a real 1 in the uk? Could you pm me some more info please. Like who did the ceremony and maybe costs or a rough cost would be great ---------- Post added 11-07-2016 at 01:13 ---------- Yes I'm understanding that we need to go to Bangkok first. Gets a little pricey with the flights and stuff I think I might look at a ceremony then have to have the official in the uk.
  9. Yes we have a chalet at mablethorpe. Go to Skegness then get bus to Mablethorpe. It's free for pensioners too.
  10. Hi I'm female and we are both uk citizens,yes a romantic wedding would be perfect x Thanks
  11. Hello. I recently visited Phuket phi phi and Ko lanta where I was just blown away! My partner proposed to me on phi phi and I am thinking of returning to get married. Has anyone ever got married in Thailand ? There will be me my partner my son (18) and daughter (16) I don't want anything big or fancy and was wondering where we could get married? Maybe a chapel a beach? What papers do we need? Who would do the ceremony? The only thing I can seem to understand is that I need some papers from over here then I have to go to Bangkok for some reason? If anyone could help it would be most appreciated. I would be planning this all to keep down cost Thanks in advance
  12. You can clearly see that Ko lanta is mostly Muslim. Totally different from anywhere else I visited very welcoming and they made me feel very much at ease I loved KO lanta and can't wait to return my favourite place. ��
  13. I've been and come back haha I have to say phi phi was my least favourite place I liked maya bay and I liked meeting different folk which was traveling and passing through. However it was very commercialised absolutely nuts with bars and clubs on the beach and the morning after the beaches was trashed with beer bottles cans and mess. A real shame as in a few years time I can see this being party Central. Not for me unfortunately much preferred other parts of Thailand although I still really enjoyed it Xx
  14. Was amazing I honestly loved it so much I sit pondering everyday about it
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