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  1. as above get it logged within 30days send via recorded delivery so its signed fore state in a letter under comsumer goods act car not fit for the purpose state you want a refund and happy to return the car asap. small claims court is around £35 keep all logs of phone calls,visits,copies of letters etc
  2. updates now downloaded its got 28 gb free but still touch screen still not right tried to recalibrate it but still hit n miss
  3. what price you looking at ? ---------- Post added 04-06-2018 at 18:43 ---------- its a Dell Venue 8 Pro 8in tablet worth about £80 2nd hand now no windows sticker on it ?? ---------- Post added 04-06-2018 at 18:57 ---------- says new w10 updates is out but wont download ?
  4. i have a dell windows tablet need reinstall windows again was on windows 8 then upgradeded to w10 but lost touch on screen it works but not respond on finger properly and have to use a mouse it wiped out w8 so i cant downgrade back to original state just want it to work as a tablet again not bothered if w7 w8 or w10 its just the 32gb storage model if anybody can do this for me with a resonable price please as im sure it not worth computer shop prices to have it done please pm
  5. now on the bench ?? big dave still picked after mare on saturday ?
  6. walked through the defence rubbish defending
  7. yes but we played well so made them look average today
  8. think we improved when palmer came on better crosser than hunt
  9. rumour bid for swansea Bartley now going round ?
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