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  1. I haven't got Sky1 anymore, is there anywhere I can download it from?
  2. Good idea, my mum has left work early to go and see if she can find him and take him to the vets. Even when the owners were around, he was very thin and didn't look properly looked after so I think prison in the best place for him! I've got a feeling my mum will want to keep him but I don't think our cats would like it! Thanks Medusa, I'll let you know what happens x
  3. For about a year (or maybe longer) there has been a cat coming to my mum's house and eating our cats food, or just sitting on the garden or in the conservatory. Our cats don't seem to mind him too much but they act quite perturbed when he's around. Every time we get close he runs off but I once got the number from his collar and found out that he lived at a pub around the corner. We called and they came to collect him but he still came round all the time and he looked very thin. We once went on holiday and came home and heard lots of banging and the cat had managed to get through the locked catflap into the conservatory and had got locked in. We were so worried as he was going really wild and had weed everywhere and was desperatly scrambling at the cat flat, I opened the cat flap and he ran out. We called the pub straight away and they said that he'd been with them that day but from the state of the cat I am sure he'd been locked in for longer than a day, poor little thing. This morning, my mum went downstairs and there was blood and fur and mud all over the floor and the little cat was sat on one of the chairs but ran off before she could help him. She called the pub and somebody answered and said they are taking over the pub as the previous landlord (the cat's owner) had been sent to prison and his partner had ran off and left the cat which goes to my mums, and also another cat. My mum rang the RSPCA and they reported it as abandonment but said there was nothing much they can do as the owner is in prison. They said if he came back, my mum could take him up to the vets and RSPCA would foot the bill, or she could take him straight to the RSPCA. What can we do? I really hope he will come back to my mum's house so we can take him to the RSPCA/vets. If we did take him to the RSPCA, would they be able to rehome him, even though his owner is in prison? I'm really worried that he's injured and walking the streets.
  4. Hope he's ok. My cats sometimes had off days where they'd be really quiet and they'd also go and drink from the bath or the sink and tried to find a quiet place to hide like in a wardrobe or behind a bed. They always came around though. Let us know how he goes on! x
  5. Wye View Cottages in Mid Wales are beautiful, we don't have a dog but it was perfect for one, nice long walks. The lady who owns it has a million animals herself including Blue the Turkey who we kind of bonded with! I think she allowed the dogs to sleep in the house. It's probably too far but take a look at the website, they're lovely! x
  6. Aw wow could you let me know when they've been born, would love to come and see them. What breed will they be? x
  7. Do you know if you'll be having anymore anytime soon Peaches? Let me know! Thanks everybody, think my mind is set on guinea pigs now! xx
  8. Aw I think it's cute too, there are some brilliant clips on Youtube! Would the little piggies be ok on the bus? Do you have any babies at the minute Peaches? xx
  9. that really tickled me! Not very nice though, think I definitley like the sound of guinea pigs more than chinchillas! Peaches - do you know of any breeders near the S1/S6 area? Thanks for your help guys! x
  10. Aw they are lovely! I'm quite far from Doncaster and don't have a car so won't be able to I'm afraid! Do they squeak all the time? It's putting my boyfriend off a bit I think, and he's looking at chinchillas now too, have you ever had one of those?
  11. Hi Guys Just looking for some advice regarding guinea pigs. After deciding that we'd like a pet, we thought about getting a couple of guinea pigs, they seem to make good pets and are so cute! We've never had them before and wondered if a breeder would be the best place to get them from? Should we steer clear of pet shops? Do any of you know any breeders? We would like to keep them as indoor pets, as we don't have a garden? What kind of exercise should they have? Would be really grateful for any advice! Thank you.
  12. I don't know what I'll do when I lose my cats, they're so beautiful and caring, I love them so much. We got them when I was 10 and I moved out of my mum's last year and miss them so much! So sorry to hear about your cat, your photos are lovely. Hope you're ok x
  13. I don't think clubbing will ever be the same again, going to hang up my dancing shoes for a few months whilst the world sorts itself out, all the good things are ending, from Woolies to UG Not before NYE though, it'll be an memorable night, hope we can give Urban Gorilla the send off it deserves! Thanks to Mark and the rest of the UG crew for all the amazing nights and memories
  14. I have this too, it's fab! We've used it in Runaway Girl (now Silversmiths), Aagrah, Sanctuary, Zizzis, can't think of anymore. Have a look on the website, there's quite a few. There are lots more places to use it in Leeds x
  15. http://dagda.shef.ac.uk/help_yourself/full_search_new.asp?group=17262 Does nobody have Google anymore!
  16. We could have given you ours if it was later - we're moving on Friday and don't know what to do with the boxes after! x
  17. Eew but it was meant to be well done but there was blood running into my garlic butter :S
  18. Don't do it, they were horrible and chemically when my boyfriend bought them! I love the markets too, they're expensive but worth it and do create a nice vibe in Sheffield! I love the nut stall best! Yum lemon pistachios! xx
  19. I went last night and it was brilliant, it was really surreal to see Gordon in the flesh! The staff were wonderful, but seemed really nervous under Gordon's watchful eye (like anybody would!) but I think they were fantastic and the food was spot on (apart from my well done steak being pink!) A big well done to Justin and the rest of the staff, can't wait to see it on TV! x
  20. Will he still be there now do you think? x
  21. Oooh whatever made me like you......?
  22. We went to see that Dara O'Brien guy, he was funny, is he still on it? x
  23. God, I thought something bad was going on. The helicopter was lingering from about 1pm, and then on my way home we were diverted and it was all taped off. My condolences to anybody who is affected by this xx
  24. I like Oasis! I've got some really nice ones from River Island too but the denim seems to stretch and go baggy around the waist after you've worn them a few hours. Either that or I'm losing weight fast! x
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