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  1. So it is bad enough that this is posted in the Star but it has been shared by a local Taxi Drivers forum. http://www.thestar.co.uk/our-towns-a...away-1-7782675 Nice to see that we have such broad minded people looking after us when we call for a cab! All names removed, but this type of behavior from people that no doubt collect people from any gay club in Sheffield doesn't make you feel safe anymore. These could be your driver! -More than likely this youth was the one abusing the shop staff about not getting the right amount of food and perhaps didn't win the argument. So decided to create an accusation to get his own back. - possible but then adnan takeaway owners should do something about this to clear their name there is a lot of negative things said about their service and food. - The police are investigating and the newspaper asked their side of the story, so I can't see what more they can do TBH. -Shabby journalism can't get the owners name right -Its same as taxi drivers always being wrong , - wish them the best of luck in getting it sorted bad publicity is bad for any businesses this youth has started something hope for his sake he's telling the truth since police are now involved - Hope they can kiss and make up -He does look like the ones who came out of the closet with a group of cheerleaders and a brass band to announce he was gay, I am sure most gay people hate that kind of person also. -Can you have a homophobic gay ? -You can't call him a prat, which IMO he is without the accusation of being homophobic. - I bet I could call him a prat -Would any one like to guess what food was missing ? - I am about to eat, rather not lol - Mayo? - Puked again - Looks like summat off Star Trek
  2. Sheffield Pride 15 hrs · Dear Sheffield It is with heavy hearts that the current management team of Sheffield Pride has to say goodbye. Having been running Pride for the last 4 years, we've spent a lot of time and effort putting on events, but the time has come for us to move onto other projects. We are hopeful that one of the other LGBT groups in Sheffield will take up the mantle - the facebook and twitter accounts and website will be ready and waiting for you! If any other LGBT group or group of individuals does want to take on running the event, please do get in touch and we will arrange to hand things over. We would like to thank all those that have supported us over the years. Members of the community, our volunteers, our partners and sponsors and other local organisations, without whom none of these events would have been possible. All the best Sheffield Pride
  3. So we have plumbed for the Casino. Figured it would make change from the usual disco/hotel stuff. We also got 6 bottles of free wine for booking before the end of August #bonus! Thanks for the replies all.
  4. From Twist&Fuel.... Just a little heads up folks. Now the annual mass exodus of the students has arrived, we are reducing our nights of opening for the summer. Until September we will now only be open on Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm- 6am. This will also allow us to focus on putting on many more big events like Ste from Hollyoaks on the weekend nights over the summer. Expect some seriously wild parties now as our focus swings to big club events much love x ____ Looks like it has fallen on its arse already. £1.50 drinks, to £1 drinks to 90p and now shutting up shop 5 out of 7 days.
  5. Mine took circa 6 months almost from ticket to POPLA cancelation.
  6. 1 car might be the difference of an amber or green light, therefore potentially saving 2 or 3 minutes!
  7. I have a very loud 4.5l V8 TVR Chimaera 1998, verging on classic I suppose, but im sure someone may like a spin in it....Does it qualify?
  8. Manchester Prides Chief exec is a full time position on 60k a year, do you object to that also?
  9. What a load of rubbish! When male fans start attacking girls over international football it will be a sad day. You won't have any trouble at all, I am not sure where he is drinking but they clearly have issues! Not only that America are pretty rubbish, it is not like you are much of a football threat .
  10. And London pride is a glowing representation.... In 2012, the previous organisers Pride London were forced to significantly "scale back" the WorldPride London 2012 event nine days before the event was due to take place. The London Evening Standard reported that four contractors from the previous year's Pride event were owed £65,000 in unpaid debts, though this has been officially denied by organisers.[7] Subsequently, a bidding process for non-profit community based organisations to submit bids to run and develop Pride in London was announced by the Mayor of London.[8] The winning bidder, London LGBT+ Community Pride, was awarded the right to run London's main gay pride festival for five years on 18 January 2013.[9] If you go to London Pride it will probably cost you in the region of £200 + for the night/ weekend, If you go to Sheffield it will be £50, the markets are different.
  11. We went to one of the hotels last year, the disco was OK but the food was terrible. I hear Baldwins is good?
  12. Just make sure you hit them in excess of 50mph or they wont die straight away....
  13. Has anyone booked their parties yet this year? Or did you have a great time somewhere last year? Got to book ours for this year soon as all the good places get filled up by September!
  14. Anybody looking I have 2 tickets for tonight, friend couldn't go.... Stalls, face Value £56.
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