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  1. The Tory party operate in private. The Maybot bullies and blackmails her collection of halfwits into whatever she wants..............or hopes she does. The Torys are malignant, they are destroying every vital element of society. Just like a cancer works. On the other hand, Corbyn is a fence sitter. He is leader of the worst opposition we have ever had. When will he start to actually OPPOSE ?? Abstaining isn't good enough, he never actually declares his stance on anything. In the meantime, the Torys lie, rob and cheat all of us and Labour just sit drawing their salaries.........for nothing.
  2. Its still not as bad as Victoria Beckham receiving an OBE. What for ?? Being permanently sulky ???
  3. Please re-post this in the classifieds area as we are not allowed to sell in the groups. Thank you
  4. Nigel Farage will be the first to volunteer, along with all the other numptys who formed UKIP, that racist rag-bag of a party. Thats if he can sober up for long enough.............hes a bloody awful man.
  5. Just do what you want, but keep safe and don't go alone. Accidents happen in derelict buildings.
  6. This guy IS well known. The Police know him, he's a VERY dangerous man with violent connections. Its a mystery to everyone. Police informant perhaps ?????
  7. It IS ILLEGAL and should be illegal. The Police ignore most drug crime. Foxhunting is illegal, the police take no action against that either. What actually DO THEY DO ?? I know they are "just following orders" but the public are starting to notice quite a lot.
  8. Its good to hear someone had a good run with Sertraline. I unfortunately have to take several other meds including Tramadol and my experiences were horrendous. If a doctor would have offered me assisted suicide I would have taken it. I have used Prozac a few years ago and that was excellent, also a few years before that I was on another one who's name escapes me. I also am taking Diazepam, perhaps that and Tramadol clashed with the Sertraline. I would never take Sertraline again. Theres a HUGE list of side effects on the leaflet and I unfortunately was affected by most of them.
  9. Try to AVOID Sertraline. Its hell for the first 8 weeks. Try distraction methods, like a hobby or a sport. Try not to be on your own too long. I use photography. I just walk around looking for subjects. Its absorbing and it works. I've just had a year on Sertraline, first 50mg, then 100mg. Awful stuff, the side effects are horrendous. Takes a while to come off it as well. Support groups sound to be the best bet. Good luck my forum friend, my sympathies are with you.
  10. Does anyone use the Canon EF-S 24mm 2.8 STM ? I frequently use my EF 50mm 1.8 STM and its very fast and sharp. I am debating buying the 24mm but I would like to hear some users opinions first. I shoot mainly street, industrial and flowers. thanks in advance.
  11. Can I charge my iPhone 5SE from the USB port in the console of my car or do I need a proper plug-in charger [cigarette lighter socket] suitable for the 5SE ? Would the car USB port supply the correct charge or would damage occur ? Your advice would be appreciated.
  12. I use Harrisons. Fair prices, decent descriptions of products, fair trade in prices and as much free advice as you can take in. Excellent shop.
  13. Have bought a MacBook Pro Retina. Expensive but brilliant. I store on Google, Cloud and Flickr. The picture definition is fantastic.
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