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  1. Meesa don't get all this 'supermarket x is dearer/cheaper' thingy. The price differences in my experience aren't enough to exclude one from another. A difference of a couple of pence on a can of baked beans wouldn't make me burn up £5 of petrol to go somewhere else. I used to do a £70 shop in anywhere that's convenient. Guess what? I noticed hardly any difference at all in the amount of stuff I got. They all do BOGOF's on one thing or another so it all evens out. S'pose it's all down to whose stuff you prefer. I love Sainsbury's bread. But won't go out of my way for it. It's a few thousand miles for me!
  2. Aaah, I know exactly what you're talking about. Don't live in Sheff anymore but sure as hell remember the weird lights in the clouds. My girlfriend used to say it was just the police helicopter's lights bouncing all over the clouds. But.... multicoloured and lighting up the entire sky? Always had my doubts. And lightning? Without any noise? Just weird. It used to remind me of the scenes in Close Enconters of the Third Kind. Doesn't anyone have a good explanantion?
  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Back where they belong. The league table doesn't lie does it? Get down pigs. And stay there.
  4. Training day? What was wrong with using one of the fourteen days they've just had off?
  5. To get an idea of why there'll never be a Harvey's in Sheff just look at the Sheffield Star's job section on a Thursday eve': Call centre work Care workers Local Council Catering Cleaners Meanwhile....... Harvey's boardroom: "Mr CEO, we've been getting response from Sheffield that we should open a store there." Mr CEO: "Hmm, who's Sheffield?" Boardroom: "Sheffield's a city sir. Apparantly they think it would go down a storm there." Mr CEO: "I presume you've already done the figures for me. How much are we going to make out of it?" Boardroom: "Er, we predict a massive short term loss sir, bar the first fortnight's sales at the coffee shop as everyone mills around having a nosey whilst not actually buying anything save a panini as a 'treat'." However, the residents believe our presence will attract more shoppers to the area in the long term." Mr CEO: "Why, is there a huge amount of highly paid, disposable income - generating jobs in this area?" Boardroom: "Not really. Lots of call centre workers though. Oh and a handful of legal firms." Mr CEO: "You're all wasting my time aren't you? NO...wait. I have an idea! We will open a new flagship store in Sheffield, we'll call it 'Harvey Nickels'. A discount store where everything costs less than a pound! Boardroom: Already been done sir. Mr CEO: Damn! Get me a coffee. And a panini.
  6. Does anyone know when it's next in town? Or where it is this weekend? Could really do with some cheap kit!
  7. Couldn't agree more mate. I'm off to the Canaries for good next year. Counting down the days now. Would the last person to leave England please turn off the lights? Cheers!
  8. Has anyone else noticed the disproportionately large numbers of Vauxhall Astras compared to other cars in Sheffield? Watch out for 'em the next time you're on the road. What's that all about?
  9. Sadly, the sun worshipping guy died a year or so ago. I think his name was Mark and a new bench has been put up in his honour. On the subject on the Wortley Arms, I drive past it every day and I hope I'm wrong, but it looks as if it's been given the 'style bar' treatment. Sandy, neutral coloured walls and halogen lighting being installed.... Noooooooooooooo!
  10. I bloody love The Ball. A pint and a fight. Great British night. Just hope nobody tries to ponce it up like they've done with my local, The Dev, up on Southey. That used to be sound.
  11. Right, I'm not being funny here either... The world is a small place now. If you can get a Friday afternoon off, book some cheapo tickets from lastminute and have a blast in Barcelona. Fly about 2pm and by 5.30 you'll be largin' it. Stay out all night, come back Sat morn and tell all yer mates about it on Saturday night. It's cheaper and faster to get there than it is to bloody London and yes, it not only is something different to Sheff, but it probably has the best bars in Europe. Sorted.
  12. Jeezus! What a load of jobsworths you lot are. How many health & safety laws are they breaking / my shoes get wet cos I trod in a puddle. Have you heard yourselves? I bet you're all the sort of people who trawl supermarkets looking for spillages without 'wet floor signs' on them so you can bang on about that. Get a grip. I don't use them by the way, I use that super-duper conveyor wash on Leppings Lane!
  13. It's been a while since Roxy was last open. Bet t'old Sugar is some serious MILF now!
  14. And what exactly was your old job?
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