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  1. Hello are there any mobile hairdressers available or can someone recommend anyone for S13 area please? It's for Saturday 9th April for a curly up hair do as travelling to Manchester for a wedding so looking to have it done around 8.30am, also how much would this be? Thanks
  2. I am looking for a quick, cheap and reliable landscape gardener. To level out the back garden and input a large decking area from back door to step out into and then block pave down the side of the house to the front. Just looking for rough quotes at the moment so I know what I am looking at paying. Can you recommend anyone please?? Thanks
  3. HELP pleaseeee! Getting married abroad this summer but having a party upon our return to the UK at Hillsborough. Someone we know that was going to do it for us as had to cancel as going to America for work. Looking for someone to come probably 7.30pm-9.00pm just to capture our venue set up, guests arriving, cake cutting and our first dance and for them to all be put onto disc? Can anyone recommend any reasonably priced photographers or if there are any photographers available on our date and willing to do it PM me some prices and details please?? Many Thanks
  4. Mod Note: Please use the Vacancy section of the classifieds. Closing.
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