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  1. Contact the main reception at the ground and ask to speak too a lady called Anna, sorry not sure of her surname. Dave
  2. Good Morning, I am thinking of buying a static caravan towards Scarborough/Whitby. Im going for a drive around the area next week too see what is available, cost of van, sites etc. Can anyone please recommend any sites please.
  3. I have been following this thread since it began. I live near the NGH and am lucky enough to have a drive at the back of my house. So parking at my own home is not an issue for me. The road my house is actually on though is always crowded between 8am and 4pm. Many cars double parked to the extent buses struggle to get through at times. From my kitchen window I can see a new car park, they knocked some flats down to build it. The car park is accessed from Longley lane. This car park has approximately 50 spaces but I have never seen a car in it. Does anyone know who can use this car park and why is it never used please.
  4. Just one word of caution. Some highways have unmanned toll booths, when approaching them they usually turn from 3 lanes too 6 lanes. The inside 3 lanes are for prepaid toll cards, you just drive through and your reg is scanned via camera. The 3 outside lanes are for cash. Your sat nav will tell you too keep left taking you through the prepaid lanes, obviously if your not prepaid your credit/debit card will be charged once you get home. I made this mistake twice last August.
  5. my preferred option would be a bayed parking scheme. isn't there a law that you cant park close too or on a junction. I may be well off the mark there.
  6. 4 years ago was before the hospital started too charge the staff too park. It has got considerably worse over the last few years. I have also noticed that not only do staff from NGH park on the side roads but also staff from the Hallamshire hospital park and then catch the H1, again for free, avoiding having to pay to park at their place of work. Powerage, if you were consulted again, how would you vote?
  7. Planner1, when were the residents consulted on a parking scheme please.
  8. Ian Leech has indeed left SWFC to take up a similar job at another club. The lady you need too speak too now is Katie Johnson. The catering has recently gone back in house, from centre plate, and has greatly improved.
  9. Now the inquest has delivered their verdict. We have to respect it no matter how we feel. Yesterday I went down to the memorial at SWFC and placed a single red rose for the 96. This gave me a great sense of pride to be from Sheffield. By shear coincidence I'm in Liverpool next week, can anyone tell me the exact location of both the memorial for hills borough and Hysel at LFC
  10. I'm sure the cost does not really matter if your grandkids play around that area. The slower the better considering all the cars double parked or over junctions around that area.
  11. I have tried to Email the company but the message keeps getting bounced back. Surely as one of the leading castle manufactures in the UK they can get their prices advertised correctly. I suppose I am trying to take advantage of their mistake. Who wouldn't want a bargain.
  12. Evening, I'm wanting to purchase a bouncy castle for my Grandkids to play on. I have seen a company that manufactures them. On their website there are a few advertised of the same size but different themes. One of the castles seems to be priced wrong, the company has put £115.00 instead of the rest £1150.00, which the same castles are priced up at. Where do I stand legally when enquiring and hopefully purchasing one, at the lower advertised price. Hope this makes sense Dave
  13. Showstopper I have too agree with you. Although I live on the other side of the Northern General Hospital the parking situation is exactly the same but due to staff from the hospital, including the Hallamshire Hospital. Cars are double parked to the extent that buses struggle to get through, parked on junctions and over steps down a steep slope from the road too the path. No thought except "I need to get too work" I would gladly support a residents parking scheme application. Sufcl2
  14. No. I'm suggesting the behaviour of students is down to the parents. Teachers go into the profession to teach not crowd control.
  15. Try Sheffield Centralians CC. They play at Sheffield works department on a very good pitch. Thy are in the Yorkshire and Derbyshire league, having 2 sides, one in Div 1 and one in Div 4 so a good standard. There Secretary in Pete Sutton. Hope this helps
  16. Places still available. To book please phone 0114 2322338
  17. a few pitches already sold. please contact the school on 0114 2322338 to reserve your pitch as now bookings on the day. Thanks
  18. CHAUCER SCHOOL CAR BOOT WORDSWORTH AVENUE SHEFFIELD SATURDAY MAY 2nd 8am - mid day £5 per car £8 per van All pitches to be paid for at school in advance. please phone 0114 2322338 to book your pitch.
  19. I have only posted on here a couple of times so I'm fairly new too it. I am in the process of organising a car boot sale and need to advertise. Where on this site can I do that without the ad being moved or locked. Thanks
  20. At 3.30 this afternoon I was phoned by a gentleman with a foreign accent saying I was entitled to a repayment from my building society. He told me my name, address and contact number and asked me, for security reasons, to give him my date of birth, I gave a false on, he told me this was authorised. He then said in the next few days I will be getting, through the post, a cheque for £1500 and which bank I would be paying it into. I told him a false one and he said that had also been authorised. He then asked me, for security reasons and to get the cheque processed, he would like to confirm my card details. I told him that my card was not near me. I asked him, as I was busy, for his name and contact details and I would phone him back with the remaining details. On this request he put the phone down. I know its an old scam but obviously people still fall for it or they would not do it.
  21. Does anyone on SF have a contact number for a cheap and reliable tree surgeon. For the second time I have been let down on the eve of the job. The tree is about 60 feet tall and I need it taking down to ground level. Thanks in advance Dave
  22. Have you tried sufc. They have at least 3 rooms that would be suitable..
  23. Which side of the garden is the house holders reasonability?. I am wanting to rip a privet hedge up and replace it with a fence. As I look down the garden from the house the hedge is on the right. The neighbours house, which shares the hedge is rented. Do I need to get the landlords permission to do this work or am I legally allowed to just continue?. Cheers
  24. I know someone who got arrested for shoplifting in the Apple store...he claimed he was only scromping......
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