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  1. The relentless cloud is making 2008 almost as bad as 2007. Thankfully, we've avoided the dreadful floods of last year but 2007 had a good April and a reasonable August.
  2. I've heard, though I don't know how credible it is, that the major supermarkets have estimated - from the volumes they sell - that the population of the UK is already in the high 70s million. More on overcrowding here: http://www.optimumpopulation.org/
  3. This is the one commendable feature of Cameron's policies.
  4. Uncertainty about the strength of his commitment to the New World Order.
  5. With a world full of naive souls like you, mel, one can see how false flag ops are easy to pull off.
  6. There is no state (ie passport-issuing entity) called England. Therefore, nobody can claim to be English purely on a citizenship basis. That leaves an ethnic/racial criterion. The English are, in law, a national origin racial group. Consequently, only persons of long standing and very well assimilated identity could claim to be English on this basis.
  7. This incident looks as if it's been staged. Its purpose, however, may be to plant in the minds of the gullible public that if something happens to Obama it's likely to be 'racist rednecks' behind it.
  8. You may be right. The 'black' half of him is predominantly Arabic I think I read.
  9. Au contraire: the world is likely to be more dangerous with McCain. The potential downside of an Obama presidency, on the other hand, is a lot of pandering to black 'grievances'. What a choice.
  10. Some English nationalists consider that the white dragon is more appropriate than the CoSG: http://www.wearetheenglish.com/flag_white_dragon.htm
  11. Ah yes, "extremist/cracker rednecks" - perfect cover for a false flag operation. Now who might have the motivation to do that I wonder?
  12. Rudyard Kipling captured some of the intangible aspects:
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