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  1. Hi, Does Anyone Know What Went Off In Dronfield This Afternoon Lots Of Polica And Paramedics Around 4 Pm Thanks
  2. Went In The Oxfam Shop At Woodseats Today Bought A Item For £2.99 Gave The Cashier £3.00. They Wrapped The Item And Asked If I Wanted A Carrier Bag, So Gave Me A Second Hand Carrier Bag And Asked For Me To Donate 10p For This. Then The 1p Change They Automatically Put It In The Collection Box Without Asking !! How Rude
  3. Can Anyone Help Me I Am Wanting The Name And Number For A Glass Shop On Holme Lane I Believe It Is Next To Towsure Thanks
  4. Does Anyone Know If This Has Closed Again Been Past A Couple Of Nights This Week And All The Curtains Are Closed And No Lights On !!
  5. Went Past The Birley This Evening About 6.30pm And There Was Lots Of Police Cars Outside And A Dog Van Anyone Know What Was Happening??
  6. has anybody been to the italian place on london road - if so whats it like it used to be viva la tino thanks
  7. hi sorry i meant household goods or antique auctions thanks
  8. Does Anyone Know Of Any Auctions Happening Over The Christmas Period Anywhere Thanks
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