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  1. Anxiety is a really effective treatment for hypnosis. I use it to treat all performance issues, from driving tests, exams, flying phobias, and public speaking. Once you can manage your anxiety life moves on the way you want. Follow the link on my signature and then read the success stories to find out more about how much people move on from their anxiety. There are lots of hypnotherapists in Sheffield so hunt out as much info as you can and find the right person for you. I specialist in anxiety and addictive behaviours and used it on myself to lose 100lbs (check out the pics on the website), it's not true that you have to use it every time to maintain the benefits. I do not have to hypnotise myself to stay a healthy weight. Enjoy the next test, and enjoy driving safely. Dave
  2. It is a little sad that there is not mention about how the charity ar elderly being helped by this great link up. Vintage is a great shop that has helped lots of independents launch and has breathed life into a great building. Global brands can easily weather local criticism, economically and personally. The guys at Vintage have been criticised for using their time and energy to support an organisation whose role it is to support some of our most disadvantaged, whilst continuing to run their own business. Thanks to everyone at Vintage, you have a made a great contribution to Sheffield, I look forward to you efforts inspiring those who criticise you, choosing to demonstrate their own passions to help others by using their time and wisdom to teach us all how to support local charities in a way that is both effective and meets their own ideals.
  3. There are lots of services to help in Sheffield. Access SASS on Abbeydale road a specialist service dealing with alcohol use. they can also direct you towards any family support too. Online there are a range of services that can help you including Soberistas, already mentioned. There are also a range of private service providers. There is a lot of help and guidance on my website around how to support a loved one with any addictive behaviours. There are lots of tips to support and how to offer effective help try http://www.positive-hypnosis.info/enabling.html Soberistas is based in Sheffield but is a global support network. No everyone finds AA useful because they may not see themselves as addicts with a disease. Alternatives to this way seeing addictive behaviour include SMART recovery. http://www.smartrecovery.org.uk Hope this is useful. Dave
  4. Well done all the ex-smokers. A century ago around 80% of men smoked and now it is 20% and still continuing to fall. The tobaco industry are still dedicated to keeping people addicted. When i treat smokers I remind them of how we were trained to smoke by the licorice pipes and sweets make into cigerettes and how as kids we would breath out in foggy weather pretending we were "grown ups." I am also a trained Quit worker, I think last time I was on I mentioned how kids were coming into the Quit service who had started using the ecigs and had developed a nicotine addiction that way. Anyway it seems that the testing is moving forwards and ecigs could be prescribed at some point. The cynic in me thinks that the products they sanction will be made by the tobacco industry, lets see if I am wrong. Quitting is theoretically pretty straight forward. Don't smoke today and in 3 days you will have the same physical need to smoke as me. If that was the main challenge of smoking I think millions would be quit by the end of the week. You have to adapt your lifestyle, just as you have adapted your lifestyle to continue smoking. People are quitting daily so keep trying, each time you are back on the fags remember how many days off you have treated yourself to and increase that next time. You will get there. Manage your stress, get a distraction, do it for charity, do it for your loved ones, save the money and treat yourself from all your hard work. I work helping people with anxiety, other more destructive addictions and weight. Fags are often seen as a treat to some people. Don't get conned by the marketing, they are only a treat for the shareholders. Keep trying you will get there in your own time. Dave
  5. Just done a brief search on the machine that knows everything. The story is inevitable. http://blogs.wsj.com/corporate-intelligence/2013/11/18/big-tobacco-begins-its-takeover-of-the-e-cigarette-market/ http://www.cbsnews.com/news/tobacco-companies-bet-on-electronic-cigarettes/ http://www.ecigclick.co.uk/boots-and-lloyds-pharmacy-to-sell-e-cigarettes-made-by-tobacco-companies/ There is much better info out there but the companies which hold the best research on tobacco are those who will be most affected by the new world order of smoking and so they are positioning themselves, and allying within the healthy product providers. Re- numbers of attendees. It was a training session where someone asked how has the ecigs affected the quit service? Reply, fewer people attending but, to paraphrase 'we are seeing people who we have never seen before. We have had a few kids in who have never smoked and want NRT to get off the ecig'. No numbers, no ages or gender/racial demographics etc, I think the service does not offer treatments under 12 but beyond that it's over to you to get the data. "12 to 18-year-olds get free nicotine replacement therapy (patches, sprays, gum) on the NHS. Ask your GP for help stopping smoking". but If you are passing the quit service drop in and see if they are able to give you specifics. Can't comment on if this was/is a national phenomena. Whilst you are popping in perhaps invest in a programme, they are free and live like a prince forever on the money you save
  6. Really powerful. thanks for sharing
  7. The ecig could be and should be more safe than fags as they can control the substances going down your gullet. Once full regulation takes place it will be seen to be in some senses safer. I have been supporting people to quit fags, as well as all drug and to manage alcohol addiction ofr years. I did some more training with the NHS quit service this year who are saying that the govt wont put them on prescription as they fear being sued if there is any issues with current research despite common sense telling them that they can be made much safer than cigs. the down side is that people, kids especially are learning to smoke using these things, just a we learned to smoke with the sweet cigarettes and licorice pipes with the little red tops on. Kids are now coming into the quit services to go on patches to get off the ecigs. The tech exists so that they could have a programme set into them so that they gradually reduce the nicotine of a set period and then they are harmless nicotine free tools to quit but who would bring to market a device that puts you out of business? Well the tow biggest manufacturers of ecigs are tobacco giants so I doubt they want people to quit. A bit of good news if you are thinking of quitting. It takes 2-3 days to de a complete detox off nicotine so by day four without a fag you are just dealing with a habit. Most people give up by day 17 because they only focus on the smoking part of the habit not the new ways to deal with stress. Quitting is easier if you stay away from smokers and change your routines for the first month. Treat it like running the half marathon, a long distance event but by the end of few weeks it will feel normal to taste your food better, have more money and have better health, better sleep etc. Enjoy the ecigs or enjoy quitting (less than 1 in 5 smoke which is a third of the number when I was a kid-most people take a few tries to quit to have quit successfully, so see it like a driving test, it's waiting for you when you are ready). Cheers Dave
  8. Went early Dec midweek. Had a lovely meal. Dim sum platter, looked great tasted great and seemed good value main was equally fine. Ambience was restful, with a few musicians offering traditional oriental music. Service was spot on, very aware of what and how each dish cooked. Portions worth the £25 quid a head and a doggy bag for the surplus. Don't agree with me, check it out and share your findings.
  9. This seems more sustainable than most diets I have read about especially as it is not prescriptive around food groups. As long as it is a lifestyle rath than a quick weight loss win then this seems a great way for some pete to find a healthier weight. The hypnosis programme I off uses many of the fundamentals here whilst incorporating the craft of reconnecting with eating as a source of enjoy instead endurance. You will be able to maintain This programme if you allow yourself to enjoy Your food, eat within tolerances of your lifestyle and incorporate a flexibility in the food you choose to offer variety of flavours, mixture of foods and move away from viewing some foods as good whilst a viewing another's as bad. There are some great psychological tricks you can use to help with portion control, limit snacking and keep your moods stabilised by managing blood sugar levels. Dave
  10. I trained in Hypno and used it on me first. I went from 17.5 to 11 stone just by only eating when hungry, slowing down my eating and not snacking. I lost the weight slowly over a year. I never set out to lose weight, just curious to see how defective the treatment was. Main thing I noticed was that my loss was not uniform. I lost rapidly then plateaued then it went up a little bit and then the cycle repeated. I guess that cycle is normal but explains why people give up on which ever diet people use. Website has my before and after pics plus all the tricks and tips I used. Dave
  11. Addiction in whatever guise is tragic. People who are addicted to a behaviour or a substance are very aware of the effects of their behaviour. The young woman is aware that she is slowly destroying her future and has slowly watched the life that she was proud of, the people she loves become more and more detached from her. The effects sf her addiction has never been enough to break the cycle, nor will any criticism of her behaviour. It will further embed her sense of worthlessness and limit any prospect of change. Addicts adopt their addictive behaviour because it changes how they feel at the point they do it. Isn't it sad that someone would dedicate all their resources, threaten their contact with their children and slowly and painfully terminate their life becuase they have not discovered nor been taught how to manage thir feelings safely. I work with people who have stress, anxiety, low self esteem many of which use addictive behaviours to change these feelings. None have said they did not try to break the cycle, most that they are desperate to quit. Sadly, even with professional help, even with a desire to change. I still get invited to funerals. Hope you never get addicted to substances, gambling, food, self harm, exercise, risk taking, shopping anger, violence, etc and also that your loved ones remain addiction free. Dave
  12. Want to do a little good whilst tidying up. https://www.facebook.com/ChristmasTreesForthechildrens Dave
  13. Most of my addiction work involves alcohol. Whether something is legal or not does not impact on how a drug impacts on people. It's availability does though. Criminalising leads to a cache. The decline in heroin use is partly due to a greater understanding of what the drug does longer term but mostly due to more effective treatment. With cannabis long term effects are not known, but there is no evidence of acquisitive crime unlike heroin because it is relatively cheap. Most crime is centred around production, by stealing electricity, unpaid rent and criminal damage in rentals and violence around controlling the turfs. There is limited evidence of post using crime unlike alcohol use where there is a largely ignored catalogue of crime from domestic violence, D and d, nuisance, violence, criminal damage, manslaughter, drunk driving so decriminalising this would give control back with authorities, make criminal production pointless, raise and standardise quality and raise informed debate. Failing to have informed debate makes the next generation of drug user immensely vulnerable and this effects us all. The 60s, when drug use was viewed as a period of social rebellion and ideological creativity was a period where informed understanding of the effects of drugs got lost in the idea that govt was trying to control people not trying to keep them safe from drugs. The fall in heroin is partly due to kids not being blinded by rebellion but having a healthy fear of some drugs. As a kid solvent use was pretty prolific, people experiment with substances and activities which change how they feel. The govt just reduced access to it and the prob dissolved over time. Leaving the dealers in charge is not the best way to solve addiction. It's a bit like putting john Crawshaws butchers in charge of the catering on national vegetarian day. Dave
  14. Carr book is great for raising motivation. If it does not work for you it may be because the book does not deal with the personal benefits for smoking, instead focussing on why tobacco is bad and that you have been conned into thinking you like it. Most people quit giving up after 3 weeks yet they have done a complete detox after just 2 days. Many people need help to adjust to being a nonsmoker more than they need help with the nicotine. If you are ready to quit take a long term plan. If you want more help check out the website or join my quit group in Sharrow. Details on the site. Dave
  15. Good luck to everyone following Werna69 example. Most people give up giving up by day 17, so plan a longer term strategy. My group starts on 21st in Sharrow if you need specialist help. Only 1 in 5 people now smoke from a figure of 80% just after the war. They did it so can you. Remember, most people have to take their driving test a few times, they never think I will never be able to drive, just a matter of making fine adjustments. Dave
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