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  1. Is there any places/supermarkets in Sheffield what has a change machine? You know where you put all your 1p/2p/5p?
  2. I will speak about what I want. When I want. Who are you? The Police?
  3. There isn't a day that goes by without one of the Chinese Students wandering into the road on West Street without a care in the world. I have just seen one nearly get Smashed by a tram and even though the tram driver sounded The horn - the person (with headphones in) just strolled to the other side of the road. Oh and before people go on about racism. It is Chinese people who do this. More than anybody else. Honestly. Somebody is gonna get killed!
  4. Try The 'David Platt Chinese Buffet' on West Street. It's fantastic and children under 375cm only pay half price.
  5. Im off for a meal. Anywhere in the Sheffield area? Anywhere with a bit of music?
  6. I am interested in studying at either of the Sheffield universities - as a mature student. Does anybody know if there is a place/website I can go to find out more info?
  7. The Crown and Anchor is open on Middlewood Road, Hillsborough from 5pm until 4am. Xmas Day
  8. Im looking for somewhere that is open from 10am until at the very least 11/12pm And I refuse to go any futher than S6
  9. What's happened to Ladbrokes in Hillsbrough? Was there the other day. Today the main sign had been removed and the shutters pulled down.
  10. Is it a knocking shop or just a massage for people with bad knees?
  11. I'm just debating whether to join the fitness unlimited at Hillsborough Lesuire Centre. Are there any better value GYMS?
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