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  1. If the bus engine has an overheating problem having the heater switched on it helps the engine stay cool. The reason of this is because the cabin heater is using the engine high temperature to warm the air it sends in the cabin thus engine temperature drops due to the heat exchange.
  2. What the seller suggested is illegal. Speak to eBay and get the seller/ebay to send you a prepaid return label to send the parcel back to the seller at his own expence
  3. The place is very beautiful and due to lack of funding by Turkey is still in it’s original natural form since early 70’s. The development of the North part of Cyprus is quite slow thus food, stuff and hotels are a lot cheaper. People are a bit undeveloped too compared to South but the place is really nice. On a side note, Flight companies don’t fly there because the Northern part of Cyprus is illegally under Turkish control since 1974 (Turkey invated and occupied part of the island). Due to this no other countries recognise this part of the island as a legal land and thus it is illlegal to fly directly to that part of the island under human rights law. That’s why to get there you have to go through Turkey as is the only country (plus 1-2 more, friends of turkey who don’t mind not complying with human law) who recognises that part. Another option is to fly to South Cyprus and then cross the border to the North of the island if you want by showing your passport on the border.
  4. I find it difficult to believe that the two camera points are between leisure centre and Shalesmoor circle. There at least 8-9 locations for people to drive off Penistone Road in between the two cameras. Either ANPR cameras (two on the same stretch?) or just traffic flow control.
  5. Them cameras cannot be for speed then. If everybody is doing +40mph on that stretch then they will be on here moaning that they got a speed ticket etc. Very curious to find out what they are as i use that road every day...
  6. You can ask them to extend the appointments to once every 12months if your teeth seem alright. You might even be able to extend it to 24 months but iam not sure on this.
  7. up for discussion, obviously you do not realise the full extend of this, eventually you will understand.
  8. CAA is working bringing all the people back to UK: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-41464934
  9. According to the council map: https://maps.sheffield.gov.uk/LocalViewExt/Sites/BusTramGates/ the camera on Duke Street is not enforced.
  10. maybe is the Tramlines event from the Ponderosa park
  11. Thanks for letting me know. I will keep an eye on them
  12. it was 1 hour ago fires don't usually last too long, especially if there is nothing up there left to burn
  13. Don't quote me on this but i believe there is no camera installed on that area for the taxi/bus only lane. At the moment the council map that shows all the cameras is down but here is the link https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/travel-transport/bus-lanes-gates or https://maps.sheffield.gov.uk/LocalViewExt/Sites/BusTramGates/ if you want to check later on.
  14. From personal experience, when you buy a house the previous owner is responsible to remove all the furniture etc before contract exchange unless stated on the contract. Everything else that's left in the house belongs to you. You and the previous owner you should not exchange contracts if there are any outstanding actions. In your case, if the previous owner put his signature to exchange contracts, he actually signed for you to own everything inside and outside the property. From the contracts exchange day, everything belongs to you.
  15. It was flying stationary for a while above Weston Park
  16. It might be coming from your AC pipework behind passenger's drawer (If you car has AC).
  17. I personally cannot see this happening soon. There is a regular tramlink bus between Stocksbridge and Hillsborough. I just cannot see how they will justify the cost of a tramline between the two areas.
  18. Keep the money, keep the goods. If the buyer doesn't collect in 45 days he will not be able to claim his money back and not be able to leave feedback. Eventually he will realise this and he will turn up before them 45 days end.
  19. If you own the contract then EE will unlock it for £8.99 otherwise around £20 on eBay. Any shop you go they will follow the same process through EE anyway plus their commission.
  20. I don't think so that an area changes when a crime happens. I cannot see how police or anybody else can have the control of what happens inside peoples houses.
  21. I believe they are just trying to build fake interest...
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