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  1. Looby, it sounds like you've done everything you can for a dog with an awful past. Personally I understand some dogs aren't sociable. As long as the owner is aware and keeps the dog on a lead no harm done. That's why my dog stays on a lead. He's also a rescue and we've made great progress with him. He will pass dogs well now but he's been attacked before and if a big dog runs at him growling he melts down and cowers behind me crying. The difference with this incident is that the owner was deliberately enouraging his dog to go after mine.
  2. Hi does anyone know of any dog walking groups in South Sheffield? My dog was attacked and is now nervous on walks. I thought meeting some friendly dogs might help him get over it. Thanks
  3. The ones that run down the side of Norton golf course down to behind the Blackstock Rd tip. I tried to call the police gave up after being on hold for 20 minutes. Going to do a online report to them. Thanks
  4. I've had an awful experience walking my Jack Russell in Leashall woods today and wanted to let people know as the dog owner was aggressive and threatened to set his dogs on mine to kill him and he said he walks has dogs there everyday and is a member of a dog walking club there. He had 2 dogs, a really large tan dog, maybe Staffin x mastiff and a grey wrinkly dog, share pei I think. The big dog was off the lead and running up to me growling. I put my walking stick in front of me to create a barrier and asked him to get his dog at which point he became very verbally aggressive and took a long time to get his dog. I kept walking as fast as I could away but he sped up to follow encouraging the share pei to attack my dog. It was on an extending lead and he kept letting it run right up to us snapping and growling at my dog, only stopping it inches away from us. This was repeated several times while he shouted abuse including saying I'd seen him so I shouldn't have walked my dog in the woods and if he saw us again he would set his dogs on me so they would kill my dog. Eventually I lost my temper and told him if he set his dog on us again I would hit it with my stick. Not mature maybe but by that time I was terrified. He then did call his dogs off but continued to shout abuse and threats also saying I was 'only doing it because he was black' and abusing me beause im white and disabled. I replied I didn't care what colour he was I just wanted him to control his dogs. I will not be going walking there again l, as a 5.4 disabled lady, was terrified that myself or my dog would be savaged. Be warned if you go there avoid this man at all costs!!!!
  5. Can anyone recommend some to put on a chimney pot and sweep my chimney? I've had a quote from Oakbrooke, which was very reasonable but after waiting months for a date they now say they are too busy to do the job and Heath and Home on Abbydale Rd didn't even get back to me to do a quote. Been trying to get this sorted since April and loosing the will to live! Thanks
  6. I had one done, waste of £100 as they can only give you a loan for which the re-payments are less than the amount you save. I was told I could get insulation, a boiler, double glazing, and I can't get anything. The other thing to bear in mind is that the loan rate is 5% per year and repayments can be anything from 10 to 25 years so the total amount repayable is often more than getting a bank loan! If you want cavity wall insulation some post codes in Sheffield are still eligible for it to be done free through a council grant, the scheme is through CISCO. I'm getting cavity wall and loft insulation thorough that scheme for free and given up on Green Deal, it's a con! even British Gas told me they can't get it to work for most people.
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