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  1. We're hoping to come tonight, have been wanting to catch this for a long time. Looks magical in the photos, it's a wonderful concept!
  2. I'll queue up also If you have them left I would love to take them off your hands. Send me an email or pm and I will meet you with cash.
  3. I don't think we have any weird cafes or bars in Sheffield centre at least. I would recommend the following for a more independent and non-pubby vibe in the centre. Lounge cafe on Glossop Rd/West St. Cafe 22A just off Fargate Wig and Pen on Campo Lane Runaway Girl near the train station Showroom bar Urban deli on Campo Lane
  4. Their phone number is 0114 275 5060. Went tonight and it was pretty good. I hope it does well. The Mash House was good in concept but didn't quite make the grade for me, every time I went I was really disappointed with the food.
  5. I think the "ruling Sikhs" remark has been dealt with already. Christianity in India has nothing to do with the British empire (which I am guessing you are referring to although the Portuguese empire would be a lot more relevant in this case...), it has been in India as long as Christianity has existed pretty much with the legend being that it was brought to India by St. Thomas. As for new churches being built, sorry to disappoint but new Christian churches are built daily around the country. Just typing "new churches india" into Google brought up this article which is referring to new churches only within that denomination (230 New Churchs In India). The level of ignorance, paranoia and xenophobia in this thread is ridiculous. Pull your heads out of your bottoms people.
  6. How about taylor's eye witness, anybody know anything about the brand or owned some of their knives? Some of their collections are made in Sheffield but not sure where they source their steel or anything. Am headed home to canada for christmas and need to pick up a good set for my parents as well Good luck canuck, let me know what you find.
  7. Tues to Sat 8:00am to 3:00pm is what a quick google search turned up. I'm keen on giving them a try sometime too.
  8. Is the chocolate platter gone also! First the kobe then the chocolate dessert!! I hope the rest of your menu is up to the challenge I have to say 23 is hands down one of the best restaurants in the city centre right now, actually it is probably the best but I'd like to be political about it Kudos to all of you there, keep it coming and I'm sure you'll keep packing it out!
  9. I think it's because when the Ivory first re-opened someone from there had a bit of a loose keyboard trigger finger and pretty much spammed the forum with Ivory posts. I'm happy to give a review though. I've been several times to the Ivory and it has a great ambience and generally a nice crowd. The food is reasonable although slightly hit and miss. I've never been for an evening meal though, just the lunch menu. The sandwiches always sound lovely but end up looking disappointing to be honest. The bread could use a little help. The service always seems to be very slow. I should say the kitchen not the service as the staff themselves have been very nice but it seems to take forever to be served even at lunch. Overall there is unfortunately nothing special to say about the food but as a lunchtime dining option it's not the worst choice you can make and a nice independent effort in the centre.
  10. That was my question too! I phoned them today and they said they're still serving it. Can't wait to try it.
  11. Your personal preferences have nothing to do with the contract you entered into when you ordered the food. You have every right to complain or to request compensation but you have no legal right not to pay unless the contract was breached on the part of the restaurant. I think any reasonable restaurant would be more than happy to make things right for a customer if they presented a dish and the customer tasted it or ate a small portion and then complained. I think most readers to this thread have the niggling idea that something else is going on here. My experience with the Saffron Club has been nothing but positive and I am happy to have them as a new addition to the city centre restaurants.
  12. Agreed! Though I opt for Moco once in a while as well. The cakes at the Lounge can't be beat.
  13. We went to 23 last night and the food was spectacular. The service was good too. We're definitely going for the Kobe beef option next time around! The chocolate platter to finish off was decadent. We'll be back soon and highly recommend it.
  14. Go find the street piano and give it a whirl.
  15. One of Sheffield's gems! Love this place, the food, the staff, everything This place really deserves to succeed so go and support it people!
  16. The Lounge has lovely homemade food for lunch, I think they serve until 3pm. The food is delicious but the atmosphere is a bit more casual than the Wig & Pen. It's more of a coffee type venue during the day. The smoked duck salad with pomegranate seeds is my favourite
  17. Yes nothing more dangerous than a group of lesbian women. Wise decision.
  18. I don't know who had the bright idea to refit that space for Currys but they could hardly have chosen a worse location in Sheffield. Horrible spot.
  19. Oh it's Canada Day! Thanks for the reminder, hadn't realised it was the 1st already
  20. Yeah, I stepped in there on my way to the station the other day and some of their stuff is gorgeous. Very reasonable prices for what it is and so refreshing to see that sort of creativity and personality in a shop. I hope they do well with it. The location makes it a bit less obvious but do make the effort to go have a look!
  21. They're good classes though often quite crowded and don't have the most social atmosphere. There is a tutor that goes around and makes comments, and gives advice if you want it. Paper can be bought at the sessions for 10p a sheet. Most importantly bring soft pencils (better for quick sketches, the hardest I use is 2b), a sharpener, masking tape if you plan to use an easel and a putty eraser that works well with a lot of pencil dust. There are ususally a few 10 minute sketches or shorter and then some max 1/2 hr ones and a break in between. It still takes place at the foot of the escalators right next to the entrance for Cafe Azure. Just give it a try to see if you like it.
  22. Many of these cities have the luxury of several districts which are quite independent from each other. I think you'll find the same general state of depression and boredom around any of the districts in which Hard Rock Cafe/Jongleurs etc. are based The point really is though, what is it that makes these cities great? I don't think anyone will give you a list with those bars on it. So if we're writing a wish list why would we include them?? There's no hard and fast rule here. I'm sure there are areas which are quite fine and which have chain bars. However, I don't think any of these would bring anything positive to Sheffield. And who says I think all the Yates/Wetherspoons/Scream are a good idea?! Saying we already have chain pubs so we might as well have more isn't really a logical argument. At the end of the day I think it's inevitiable and these places will come to Sheffield. And it's inevitable that people will go and have as good of time they can have and maybe even think they're having a better time than they are. However, the question was, which of these do you want to see in Sheffield....
  23. None none none and none. We really don't need/want any of these. The day Jongleurs/Bar Risa shows up I'm going to cry. These are bars for cities with no imagination, spirit or independence of any kind.
  24. I've been for drinks but not for food just after it first opened. I thought it was an absolute shame that they have such a great spot and all they did was make a tacky carpetted cheap pub look out of it. The patio overlooking the pond looks nice for the summer though. It could have been great
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