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  1. No, didn't know about the Scarboroughs, my knowledge of Shuttleworth is from my Terrace family tree and a Bible he sent to my grandma from the trenches in 1915. Will look and see if there are any of the Scarboroughs on facebook. When trying to fill in blanks on the family tree I realised we hadn't got his date of death and that was the start of the mystery of his disappearance. Its not life or death to find out (pardon the pun) but there are now a lot of people who have been searching (worldwide) and its always nice to solve a puzzle. ---------- Post added 20-09-2013 at 19:34 ---------- cant find anything, if Dorothy Scarborough (nee Clift ) is still alive she may be the one to talk to although she would only have been a baby when Shuttleworth left.
  2. Got a load of info there, so thankyou very much. Shuttleworth obviously worked in Scotland between 1901 and 1911. I saw his army records last Remembrance weekend when they were free to view. He obviously liked a drink. We have a theory that he was in the three Horseshoes in town when it wastotally destroyed in the blitz. A record of his death is proving very elusive. another theory is that he changed his name when he walked out on his second family.
  3. Makey and Cockayne are 2 new names, I'm still waiting for a reply on Facebook from someone who I think may be a grandson/gt grandson.
  4. Trying to establish what happened to Shuttleworth Clift (born Lincolshire abt 1880) after he "disappeared" in 1938. His first wife was Jessie Terrace and his second wife was Florence Bridges.
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