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  1. New Years Eve, totally overated. You are in fact another year closer to your death. What I mean is if your due to die in 2034, then you only have another 20 years to go. No, I plan to do all my partying and celebrating in the run up to christmas, and come the night itself. I'll get some old dirty videos down from the loft and reminiss about old times.
  2. In this day and age a job is quite frankly like gold dust and sadly the employer is the one in control. The days of employees having plenty of spare time and fiddling with themselves whilst at work are long gone. Who can remember the strikes of the 70s, in those days people walked out for the smallest of reasons. Bottom line is, employess have millions of people to choose from and I guess those that want the work badly enough will work as hard as they have too. Not good for the weaker ones, but in a way in society we are developing a survival of the fittest mentality. What can an individual do? can hardly walk out of the job and into another the following day
  3. Out of interest how did we cope before all the migrants came over? Who worked in the factorys, where did the doctors and nurses come from, who picked fruit from the fields, where did the skilled workers come from? At the end of the day the UK appeared to manage perfectly well without the migrants many years ago, and lets be honest many years ago very few people went to University. These days every man and his dog goes to University yet we need to import workers from other countries. Either the Education system is a scam making a few people very wealthy or something is badly wrong. Why not have a system where the 2.5 million unemployed people are trained? Yes it may take 5 years but we are spending millions on education, so why not get it right?
  4. the 100 days of snow lasted for 1 hour up in scotland and managed to get to the waist height of an hamster called Fred
  5. My Cat is more likely to play alongside Wayne Rooney up front than England beating any of the big boys at next years world cup
  6. God help us, the king of terror has arrived
  7. So the 100 days of snow lasted about 2 hours somewhere up in Scotland. So much for the horror freezes, what am I to do with the Huskys that I've placed an order for? They are on their way to the airport and plan to Board a plane which is setting off from North Pole International Airport, due to land at Sheffield in thethe next hour or so. Makes you wonder if all this panic buying is givernment trying to boost the economy by getting poeple to panic buy
  8. Halfof those people on Radio Sheffield could do with an injection of life, for example Mark the Miller Rings "Er yeah, we er, yes" Paul says "How do you think the team played today Mark?" Mark says "er, yeah, er I think they should score yes" Paul says "How do you rate the managers performance today mark?" Mark says "er, he want pleyin wor he" Paul says "Yes, great contribution there, next on the line we have willy the wednesday fan commenting of todays match at Hillsborough" Willy "er......:huh::huh:" How can people listen to that cack, the presenter deserves a medal.
  9. Its here the big freeze and its going to last for 3 months. Good god, I have my survival rations in the car and I've stocked up with tins of beans when the worst of the weather arrives. Also got items in the garden that can break wind and so my flowers should not get too badly damaged.
  10. I think Paul Worker is OK Think one of the breakfast show people is a bit of prat though. Hes OK, just a prat
  11. At the end of the day if you been caught with your pants down while driving you should be punished. Everyone knows that driving while phoning is illegal and to be fair, its probably just as tricky with a hands free set
  12. Well you could put 1000s of tents in Graves Park and Millhouses Park. Lets be honest, they are running out of space over at Page Hall and Hillsborough is starting to fill up fast too. At the end of the a wide open space like Graves could house 1000s with tents
  13. As far as I can see the only way to resolve this issue is to make sure all new arrivals (especially in 2014) are made to live in Fulwood, Whirlowdale, Dore etc.... if they come here for the benefits. That way, the trendy leftys who are so in favour than then live alongside the new arrivals. Why hasn't anyone considered this?
  14. Its just terryfying Now I know how it must have felt to be in Sheffield during the 2nd world war when the Germans could have carried out an air raid at any time. Why are the old air raid shelters not being reopened? Casualty departments are expected to be swamped this winter should the king of terror rain down from the skys ---------- Post added 18-11-2013 at 09:09 ---------- I also reckon that very soon you won't be able to get car insurance if you live in a high snow risk area. Similar to flood risk areas
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