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  1. I used to fetch sandwiches from there for staff at work when I was a junior I would go again lovely place
  2. I left earl marshal in 71 mr bore ham was my teacher mrs Jackson was at grimesthorpe ---------- Post added 16-06-2014 at 21:07 ---------- I left earl marshal school in 1971 mra Jackson was at grimes Thorpe my last teacher was mr boreham
  3. I went to Owlerlane infants then grimesthorpe followed by Owlerlane senior which changed to earl marshal Does anyone remember Mrs Jackson always wore black
  4. Thankyou to those that recommended a surveyor I'm now fixed up
  5. Anyone know of a good surveyor for a property I'm buying in Sheffield ? Someone who is reasonable and thorough I've no idea what they charge so any help would be great
  6. Can anyone recommend a good removal firm not too pricey if possible Will be moving from s5 to s35
  7. Does anyone know of anybody that removes all different kinds of household rubbish and is reasonable priced ? (Hope I've put this in the right place )
  8. I remember David Simmonite had a car place in firth park after leaving Harrison's I knew him through a family member
  9. No he must have already left by then there was so many people worked there over the years ---------- Post added 27-04-2014 at 21:41 ---------- No he must have left by then so many people worked there over the years
  10. Yes penny was a lovely lady I'll say hi to my sis for you do you remember Brian service manager can't remember when he left though the years don't half fly
  11. Pat stayed until dioxins took over then left in I think 2000
  12. Into the nineties not sure what year
  13. My mom Gladys worked in the canteen at London road I also had a sister Vick who worked in wages and another sister pat that worked on switchboard
  14. Was it all farmland before the council estate was built or what was there Nobody seems to know
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