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  1. I have been working throughout the lockdown as I am a key worker. I really do not mind it. The only other place I go is the supermarket. I would hate to be confined to the house more than I am now. Also, I think you can look back in years to come and think 'I did my bit', however small that is. If I was furloughed I would be really worried at the moment.
  2. Agreed Albert. Fighting fires is a really easy job. The same for a police officer. You get that call about a terrorist opening fire. (Manchester) They have it so easy! Wish my job was that stress free!
  3. So the police knocked on peoples door asking for cctv? Do you not think that is a good thing? RIP to the lady involved.
  4. Hi there, I grew up on Alport Road, just of the bottom of Youlgreave Drive. I still visit regularly . My advice would be that it is a good place to live.
  5. That is a nice reply Derby Tup. Very honest. My biggest regret is my first serious boyfriend. I've never been out with anyone like him since (i'm now 37) so I suppose it was a learning curve.
  6. I have friends who vote Labour and I have friends who vote Conservative. I have never in my life seen so much hatred for people who dare to disagree with people who vote Labour. Yes of course vote for who you want and I will do the same. We can all be friends. Just don't try and force your opinions on anyone else.
  7. Are you being genuinely serious? Do you think that overnight the police have nothing else to do?
  8. Below are incidents that police 'Rapid respond' to on blue lights: - Fights in progress - Domestic incidents in progress - Suicidal people - Road traffic collisions where injuries are reported. - Criminal damage in progress - A drink driver currently driving - Suspicious sudden deaths - Murder - Rape which has just occurred - A shoplifter who has been detained and is being violent towards security staff - High risk missing people I could go on. So no, it's not just motoring offences that they blue light to. -
  9. I was thinking this a few days ago. I used to love them. I've not seen them anywhere in recent years.
  10. Very well said! Should you have children if you cannot afford to buy them a school uniform? You know beforehand that this cost is included in the price of raising children in this country.
  11. I thought you were already famous Derby! Was it Gleadless Valley where the bus companies refused to travel?
  12. Derby Tup, surely they are Vermin. I don't think you are being harsh here. Some of us work hard for our possessions, why should some scumbag come and take those for themselves
  13. The football clubs pay for that though. Exactly as Daven has said, there are not enough police officers to drive the police cars.
  14. I suppose people are scared of the repercussions of reporting offenders to the police, and as you say, giving evidence against them. I honestly don't know what the answer to that is though.
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