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  1. We had a big storm here in Chesterfield. Not too far from you. Also RIP to the 9 year old boy. My thoughts are with your loved ones.
  2. The police officers have their day off cancelled to work football matches. Believe me, they do not want to be there
  3. Your general Duty Group officer rarely 'patrols' regardless of in a vehicle or not. They are dealing with an endless active queue. This involves dealing with everything else that isn't an emergency ie priority and priority 8 jobs.
  4. Walking the beat is all well and good until they need to travel to an emergency, miles away, on foot
  5. Hi Firethorn1, I would say that I am doing more cooking just recently, but I'm not sure if it's just because it is winter and I love casseroles. Summer is good for me 'Stir Fry wise' but I feel less inclined to cook then. Hope you are keeping safe and well.
  6. I love the views from that viewing platform. You can see Lincoln Cathedral on a clear day. The platform shows you where to look for certain landmarks.
  7. You beat me to this. Well said. I despair of some people.
  8. Yes R.I.P Sergeant Ratana. Lot's of bickering on here about this. (not by you mel) There just doesn't seem to be much sympathy.
  9. Hi there, I lived on Alport Road at Frecheville for years and loved it there. I don't recall there being many issues at all. I also know someone who lives on Linley Lane and they don't have any issues there.
  10. I have been working throughout the lockdown as I am a key worker. I really do not mind it. The only other place I go is the supermarket. I would hate to be confined to the house more than I am now. Also, I think you can look back in years to come and think 'I did my bit', however small that is. If I was furloughed I would be really worried at the moment.
  11. Agreed Albert. Fighting fires is a really easy job. The same for a police officer. You get that call about a terrorist opening fire. (Manchester) They have it so easy! Wish my job was that stress free!
  12. So the police knocked on peoples door asking for cctv? Do you not think that is a good thing? RIP to the lady involved.
  13. Hi there, I grew up on Alport Road, just of the bottom of Youlgreave Drive. I still visit regularly . My advice would be that it is a good place to live.
  14. That is a nice reply Derby Tup. Very honest. My biggest regret is my first serious boyfriend. I've never been out with anyone like him since (i'm now 37) so I suppose it was a learning curve.
  15. I have friends who vote Labour and I have friends who vote Conservative. I have never in my life seen so much hatred for people who dare to disagree with people who vote Labour. Yes of course vote for who you want and I will do the same. We can all be friends. Just don't try and force your opinions on anyone else.
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