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  1. I think we've beaten the 3 clubs you mentioned, so I'd be happy with them. I'd also be happy with any of the top ten. It's a lottery as they say! Careful, you'll be accused of trolling soon lol Mods... can you delete this thread please, as it's not to my liking and it upsets me. (JOKE DON"T DELETE IT)
  2. It's called supporting a Sheffield club
  3. Di Canio would be great for Barnsley. I've said before, he needs to manage a smaller club with smaller players so that they buy into his ways. Di Canio will be a great manager... he's a little miss understood... but hey, he's be a big success with the right club. It's not that he's got to fit into the right club, it's that the club's got to fit into his ways. I'd fancy him to do well at Barnsley.
  4. I'm at a loss as to why Grays been hounded by some, there as bad as Newcastle fans! You'll definitely get 50 points. Should this happen... would you still stick with Gray?
  5. You've got to be happy with your 2 goals. Psychologically it might lift the burden. Losing 3-2 to them is no disgrace. Mind you I think Derby are having their dodgy patch. Didn't they draw with Rotherham 3-3?
  6. If you don't win them, I think your in for a very nervous time. But I think you'll win them. Any club below Millwall IMO will be down.
  7. How many points have you gained over 7 games? Now that's relegation fodder lol
  8. I'm with you with this... it would be a disgrace if he got sacked. He's been their best manager in years.
  9. haha we know what you mean mate... ---------- Post added 21-02-2015 at 18:16 ---------- yes good thanks; what's with the I'm not that bad am I??
  10. Hiya Gazza, how are you matey? Think the poll should be... can you trust Gray with signing strikers??
  11. I put no and meant to put yes... keep him in He's doing a splendid job! The Wednesday fans are so so fickle... he's was god the other week, now your all saying get rid of him! Gray...in!
  12. No matter how much they dress it up CB it's relegation form for them at the moment. Why go on an owls thread and talk about the Blades Castleboy?
  13. I'm good mate... how are you? Di Canio... might not be for Wednesday but sooner or later he's going to be a massive hit with a club. I think he needs to manage a relatively smaller club, a club that will buy into his philosophy and do well. Yes he's a bit different... but he'll be a class manager with the right club and players. Back on topic... You lot were unlucky... but I said it back in October... this lack of goals might come back and haunt you at the end of the season. Don't think you'll go down, but it might make you feel a little uncomfortable. As for us... can't fault them. Baxter being sent off might was a blow but... whatever level your at... coming back from 2 goals down with 10 men, is very impressive. ---------- Post added 21-02-2015 at 17:55 ---------- Always the same... We've done very well today... our players need to take credit in the way we come back. Wednesday were unlucky tbf but it can't help Grays situation, it's relegation form they have at the moment.
  14. Scoring goals against one of the league leaders has got to give you something. Without looking at the last time you scored 2... got to give you a bit of confidence. Haven't they got Bent too?? So all in all... it wasn't a disgrace.
  15. Yes, If you say so dobby. A bit black and white... but if you say so.
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