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  1. I have copies of all these games and i also have minecraft accounts for everybody whos joining in this is completely Lan the only part is which is wan is the stream part of it Minecraft Left For Dead 2 Battlefield Terria Unreal Tournament Grid Worms Tekken tournament Counterstrike Alien VS Predator COD Black ops Halo
  2. I am trying to set up a server so my friends can bring there laptops round and connect through to my server and get the game so they dont have to install it im a noob at the network side of things more into basic computer problems. I am also going to be hosting a event on twitch and wanting to connect skype and atleast 3 of the laptops to the stream any advice on this thanks.
  3. no dont need to track anything just need every photo to be copied from one file to another automatically or with one click of a button onto my shared drive
  4. thanks im downloading them now ive tried to do the bat file but i carnt seem to get the coding right it doesnt seem to be working for me
  5. I've got a light tent for photography and wondered if you'd be able to help me with how to clean the back drops I have some marks on the white backdrop?
  6. I have Sims 3 on my windows 7 laptop and I have recently purchased a new laptop and don't have the original Sims discs so I was going to download the Sims and just find the product code but i don't know where to find the product code how can I find this?
  7. I want to create a folder on my cdrive and i want every file in that folder to be backed up automatically, like a clone on my external drive E drive how can i go about this?
  8. i work with photoshop and produce videos with premier and ive tried different pcs and they work fine i also have tried pluging it directly into my router with a 1m cable as well as its still being slow
  9. its fine with my other pcs though so i sort of cancelled that out
  10. My internet has gone really slow i may have been messing around with the settings and i don't know what I've done the computer is fast and the router is also fast tested it on my other computers i changed the wires and I've also changed the Ethernet port by adding a faster one from my second PC i have also tried a 1 meter cable and plugging it directly into the router instead of in a separate room still is slow please help :help: :help: and also seperate subject my i carnt update direct x on my laptop for a game.
  11. my girlfriend went down east bank road and she says she can only find flats at the bottom so hopefully i where getting at the bottom
  12. thank you is there many shops around and whats parking like
  13. Where viewing a flat on Thursday just wondering whether its a nice area
  14. ive sorted the speed of my computer its just my internet thats really slow atm ive tried changing wires and updating my router but it still is slow, i've also got 16gb of ram
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