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  1. Thanks for the tip Read somewhere about ulley res nearly bursting in 2007
  2. I see the school scored 'outstanding' when it was last inspected but has since been converted to an academy, however I was under the impression that it was the poorly performing schools that were changed to academies?
  3. ah ok.. We've been looking further up where Aughton Lane meets Worksop rd
  4. Thanks for all the replies.. I was under the impression certainly most of the area was private housing? and note the secondary school is now an academy, is this good or bad?
  5. What are people thoughts on this area, we are moving from Manchester and have looked at a couple of houses near Aston Hall and one near 'The Chase'. We have 2 young children, one who will be starting school next year, we are looking for a nice quiet family area with good schools.
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