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  1. Once again we have some silly little girls breaking their school uniform policy and once again it's the fault of the school !!! Every start of the new school year it's the same story !! COME ON PARENTS and in this case in the Sheffield Star, Grandparents , get real ! EVERYONE IS INFORMED of the uniform policy before they join a school,just tell your little darlings that actually No they can't dye their hair ,wear makeup or decide they can't possibly wear straight leg trousers or knee length skirts !! The uniform policy is put there to keep everyone on an even keel,if you don't agree with the policy of the school, try home schooling then it won't matter how the child looks !, PARENTS and Grandparents need to stop mollycoddling their children and explain that actually rules aren't just there for everyone but them,stop buying hair dye etc and STOP BLAMING THE SCHOOL for your bad guidance
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