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  1. Alot of people BARF feed their dogs, I'm thinking of changing over to this way of feeding
  2. My daughter was digging around at her nan's yesterday and found my old 'girls world' from when I was young. You know the thing - the head that stuck to the table and you could put make up on it and do it's hair. She's now decided she wants one. Does anyone now if they still sell them
  3. She had 1 lesson after that at £18 then found out about the 'pink badge /trainee thing' and was annoyed that she wasn't told
  4. I think she would have liked to have been given the opportunity to show some ability instead of sitting at the side of the road. As for theory work, I thought that was down to you to put most of the work in at home, and ask your instructor for help when needed, not pay for an hours lesson to talk about the theory test. If you are not talking about the theory test itself in your post, I thought 'practice makes perfect'
  5. Thanks Saxon, I didn't know if I was allowed to tell his name.
  6. I have already passed my test and I'm sure if my friend had known it was a rip off she wouldn't have used them
  7. My friend has fallen into the trap of a certain driving school in Sheffield. Not naming names but the one that advertises 1st lesson free, 5 lessons £56. Well, she's been dithering for ages about whether to take the plunge and learn to drive, then after us all nagging her about how it would make her life so much easier, she did it. She got a few quotes, then got suckered in by the cheap prices, even though she was told by us "you only get what you pay for". Alarm bell should have started ringing when her lesson times kept getting changed at the last minute and she was sat in the car by the side of the road for most of the time. Then to top it all, she finds out she had got an instructor that isn't even qualified himself. Surely they should have to tell you they are still training!! She now feels that even though it was only £56 it was £56 and her time wasted!! She has written a letter of complaint to the company but hasn't had a reply.
  8. Thanks Guys, trampoline sorted now, hopefully it should keep the kids quiet for 5 minutes.
  9. ........a trampoline? The kids are driving me mad asking for a trampoline. I know one of you will have bought one recently as they are so popular at the moment, so any advice would be helpful. I was thinking of either a 8ft or 10ft.
  10. Forgot to say, we now go to Blue Diamond on Holme Lane most of the time
  11. I know what you are saying xchubbs1987, we can't resist going back every now and then to try it, cos it used to be so good.
  12. I couple of years ago I would have agreed with you, but recently I think the food doesn't taste of much, it seems really bland. I can't see the point of having a big portion if it's rubbish, I'd rather have a small portion and enjoy it. Before one of you say it "It's not the quantity it's the quality"
  13. Try Martin Woodwards, I passed with them. Loads of my friends have passed with them too. I'm sure they cover all of Sheffield.
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