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  1. Yeah cheers be only weekends for me let us know cheers Ian
  2. Yeah I went up there the other week was flat, it I heard has good beach break, looking in msw on sat was looking good but hurt my hand rock climbing lol, you surfing?
  3. Hi, Anyone surfing on weekends? I want to give it a go looking for anyone willing to help us out can contribute with petrol etc. Or any advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. Cheers little in climbing works mainly outside or on my board
  5. Hi, Impressive stuff on the vid big respect, yeah I do a lot of stuff on pull up bar etc and light weights and even have a training celler board but would like to understand weights a bit more dead lift etc, local gyms are expensive see
  6. Hi, I am looking to learn to lift weight properly once a week to help with my climbing anyone got a good set up and willing to help or any advice? Cheers
  7. Not much in the way of reply but thought I d add a bit more to the post. I use to skate in my early teens, and I just picked up a board did heel flip kick flip and can still Ollie even manage a nollie heel flip but finding it hard doing tricks moving still looking for a few people to meet up and street skate with which is what the post is about Cheers
  8. Hi, Maybe a mid life crisis or the feeling of something missing in life! who knows?? Anyway as the title suggests skateboarding in my mid 30's anyone got the same idea and wanna skate? also places to skate not looking to get the p*** taken out by younger teens etc Any help would be great I suppose I am looking for advice or some skate mates who be happy to help Cheers
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