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  1. Ebay provided the label to the buyer to print off the return postage label (they charged me £10) it was ‘supposedly’ delivered here, no signature was required, apparently when the label is scanned on delivery the GPS pings the location. I have got a crime number and have advised both Royal Mail and Ebay, so situation is ongoing at present!!
  2. Yes, definitely on with Royal Mail, Ebay and lodged a case with the Police so now have a crime no. We shall see, it is all very frustrating!
  3. So, looks like I may have been the victim of a fraud, what can I do? Sold a phone, buyer says it doesnt work!, ebay of course side with him, issued him a label for Royal Mail track and Trace (only £100 cover) the phone was £400, Royal Mail tracking states it was delivered back to my address, but it wasn’t. RM initially said they would take 72 hours to investigate, now they are saying it could be 10days, in the meantime Ebay have refunded the buyer, so I have not got the phone and have not got the money. Even our Postman says he doesnt remember a parcel on that day and that he has been told his machine was used to ping the delivery! I am not getting anywhere with Ebay or RM, has anyone had a similar issue or can advise. I just cant afford to loose this much money, thank you.
  4. Fire Fairies at Firth Park Methodist Church Playing hide and seek in Firth Park Library (the old one) The boating lake pond Hucklow Road Junior and Infant School Shiregreen High and then Hinde House The witch who lived at the top of Firth Park Avenue The roof blowing the roof off a house on Firth Park Avenue Dr Pettigrew at Firth Park surgery Sliding down the donkey hill on cardboard Rope swings over the stream at bottom of donkey hill Going into the tunnel under the park and running out screaming! ---------- Post added 22-10-2017 at 11:25 ---------- Oh and rubbing the slide with the waxed bread paper to make you slide down faster Getting your anorak toggle things caught in the top of the slide and being stuck neither up nor down!
  5. Thank you for your input. If the Contribution based moves over to Income based JSA, will that be means tested and is the £5500 the cut off for claiming. There is a small pot of redundancy money which of course is quickly being used up (single Mum, 2 children and rent to pay). Just seems such a complicated system to navigate especially with the zero hours contract she has managed to get, it caused ructions with the Job Centre last week as she took on an extra 3 hours of work and they said she might have to sign off just becuase she managed 17 hours work that week (usually it is 15 hours, term time only).
  6. Does anyone know why someone would recieve a letter to say that their JSA would be stopped in 3 months time, the reason being 'that your entitlement based on Class 1 National Insurance has run out'. This is someone who was recently made redundant, now working on a zero hours contract and just started to recieve JSA. Its all a bewildering system!
  7. In the 70's the building I think you are talking about, was the nurses changing/locker room.
  8. Family member, divorced, 2 children, shared care, rented property and just been made redundant, been to Job Centre to claim JSA, claim just going through system, but has managed to secure a zero hours contract, 16 hours week 1, ditto week 2, 4 week 3, then ?. On advising Job Centre they could not attend first sign on appointment due to this, Job Centre said they had to attend, when asked if they were seriously telling her to turn down work, they reluctantly rescheduled the appointment, but when told the initial work was for 16 hours they said the claim should be cancelled as 16 hours is considered full time work. We have trawled the government web sites regarding job centre appointments and what should happen and also the details about zero hours and benefits claim and what we have read, does not seem to reflect what our family member is being told. Can anyone give me some advise, pointers or info please, I'd be really grateful, thanks
  9. Our downstairs cloakroom contains a loo and sink and measures 4'11" square. Is it possible to get a shower, loo and sink in such a small space. I've been to 3 bathroom places today expecting that someone would just key in the dimensions on their computer and add the component parts and show me a 3D image, but no, they want to send a fitter out to measure, but I just want a yes it's poss or no it's impossible in the space. I am not savvy enough to work it out myself. Any one any input please?
  10. Can anyone give me any info on static caravan sites (Yorkshire Coast pref) and their site fees. Would like a good quality 2nd hand caravan with affordable fees on a quiet site. I have seen some that seem to charge £3000+ and that is just too far out of our price range. Do they exist around £1200-£1500 or am I behind the times?
  11. Yes Jomie, you are correct, there are no many being built and they do seem to get snapped up quickly. We are also getting 'elderly' so thinking a bungalow would suit us, but as we are moving from a large 3 bed det house in a pretty village, we want a large detached bungalow 2/3/4 bedrooms so that we can configure the layout for us, add a conservatory etc., and in a lovely area. Glad you are happy in your place, thanks for your response.
  12. Okay, fancy moving, not really downsizing but fancy a bungalow. All the areas we thought we would love to live seem to have a lot of negatives when you actually think it through. We have been exploring different areas and have now found that if its not flood risk, its fracking or HS2 hanging over it. where have you moved to and loved, or where are you planning, any recommendations please.
  13. Anyone have any recommendations for long term let in any Spanish Coastal areas, including Canaries. We did 1 month last November in Lanzarote, would like to repeat but for possibly longer and want a few home comforts rather than the basic apartment we booked last time.
  14. Thanks Binman. I have set it up and have tune in, but when I say "play radio Sheffield" it starts Radio Sheffield but the Radio Sheffield programme starts with "not available due to contractual reasons" this happens when I try to listen online as well. What am I doing wrong? I don't want to (but may change my mind) pay a subscription for Amazon music, is there any way to get 'free' music that you know of? I agree, the Dot is fab, I like the corny jokes and info and will experiment to do more as Imlearn more about it. Thanks for your input.
  15. So....Hubby has just got his (I have to wait another 5 years for mine!) we are considering doing a few jaunts, him free and me paying, having tried to make sense of the web site, I am floundering a little on how to go about our journeys as it appears that there are a number of bus companies etc and I can't make sense of if I buy a day pass I would be allowed to travel on just that company or any company during that day. We live on the outskirts of Barnsley and fancy a trip into Leeds, Sheffield and Doncaster to start with (different days) - can we?, how? Also how does the train half price thing work. Any good ideas for lovely trips out would be interesting as well.
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