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  1. anyone recall our national and international break champion, paul hubby, and our oxford crew? he and they cleaned up everywhere, including in ny. paul and i were like brothers and together we introduced many new moves still in use today. paul, the crew and everyone else who saw me or danced with me made certain that my own reputation was spread far and wide, and i had many dancers coming to oxford from all over the country and all around the world to instigate dance offs.. only instead of dancing against me, within minutes these guys were dancing with me. i was later recognised by our fellow competitors and the worldwide governing body of break and granted lifetime de facto world champion status because no-one would go up against me in competition. black or white. paul used to say that i was his king, i used to say he was my brother and champion.. so whats this got to do with sheffield? well i will tell you: my mother was a sheffield girl, so sheffield can stand proud. you are in my dna. i for one am quite proud of that fact.
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