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  1. Thanks for all the replies, apologies I've not been on for a while so only just seen them. @Geared, yes I've asked the tenant if they'd like to buy it but they're not able to get a mortgage. @Hippogriff, since the original OP I have received a solicitors letter inviting me to agree with 'him' the nomination of estate agents to place the property on the market for sale at the best available price. If this cannot be agreed they have instructions to bring an Application under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees for an Order for sale of the property. @Jomie, I have no idea what his reasons for wanting to sell are. My reasons for not wanting to is that I rely on the rental from the property as my income and selling up would mean having to find an alternative investment/tenant which timing wise doesn't suit me right now. I also think it's morally wrong to boot a good tenant from their home, although if it could be sold to another landlord as a Buy to Let this wouldn't be an issue. @AnthonyTapp, unfortunately not. I don't think I'm going to risk fighting this and losing so will just let him get on with it and like Spider1 says, let him sort it all out. At least then I'll never have to have anything to do with ever him again. Thanks for all the advice guys, much appreciated!! :-)
  2. Hi Geared, unfortunately the tenant isn't in a position to buy. Thanks Hippogriff, at this stage it's just talk (threats). My gut feeling (without airing our dirty washing on here) is that if it did go to court, he wouldn't win anyway so I'm tempted to take the risk.
  3. Just looking for a bit of advice before consulting a solicitor. I still own a mortgage free property with my ex-husband (divorced) which we rent out to a long term tenant. The tenant has always paid his rent on time and has done loads of home improvements which has undoubtedly added value to the property. Recently my ex has been in touch to say he wants to sell up, but I am reluctant to do so right now, and also don't feel comfortable evicting the tenant as it's his home, he's really happy there and has no plans to leave. Can he legally force the sale???
  4. Has anyone used Preston Baker, and if so what's your feedback? They're asking £2000 + VAT...how does this compare with others fees???
  5. The Brown Bear is very cheap and enjoys a more mature clientèle
  6. I'm on it when it comes to savoury snacks!! :-)
  7. Cheese moments??? http://www.britishcornershop.co.uk/smiths-cheese-moments?gclid=Cj0KEQjw3M6oBRDnnIywo5i287ABEiQAXRm7S5g_qQyHEdqM7d55RukrMH206fyrj0fweyNz28sfYpYaAq3E8P8HAQ
  8. Thanks medusa, I'll do that (it is possible to upload pics on here?)
  9. I've logged it on Fix My Street, but I'm guessing they can only clean up what's there and not prevent it continuing.
  10. Has anyone else noticed that every morning there seems to be a new pile of rancid looking food waste (usually chicken and bones) left on the grass verge near the entrance to Gregory Road Park? I suspect the culprit must work at a food outlet and is bringing the waste back with them and depositing it by cover of darkness, possibly to feed the multitude of stray cats living on Maxey Place. There's no way I can let my dogs off the lead on this park now as they make a beeline for it and frantically chow down as much as they can before I drag them away, and as a result have made themselves sick. It must pose a health risk to children and pets as it's absolutely vile looking stuff (I've got a pic, but not sure how to add it on here), but I'm not really sure what can be done, other than waiting there all night to see who's doing it (but realistically who's going to do that???) Any suggestions?
  11. Could you also PM me the name of them. I will soon be letting my property and want to know who to avoid. Thanks
  12. I've just become the proud owner of one of these (Delica Super Exceed), but the manual is in Japanese. Don't suppose you know how to get hold of a translated manual? I've tried googling but no joy :-(
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