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  1. I voted Labour because the alternatives don't bear thinking about
  2. How about a new Ikea near the Halfway terminus of Supertram. I'm sure Chesterfield people would use it too. There is already a good park and ride facility
  3. There was for many years since World War two, a shop which used to specialise in those sort of things. In those days it was for the eleven plus The name was Andrews. I don't even know if it is still there. Knowing the number of calculative parents about these days, I'm sure there would be a market for any wanting to give ther children a head start in anyway possible. The shop was situated off West St behind the City Hall
  4. I think you'll find that horse manure carries tetanus germs which can be fatal, so don't let them kid you that it's harmless. Horsey people are not made to clean up their droppings because the horse is not a working class animal.
  5. That kind of inconsiderare behaviour is just a continuation of the disgraceful way in which he was treated
  6. Fred Bloor was the dame in later years. I think he worked as a milkman, but the dame I remember in the later years of the war was Dennis Marsden. I believe many years later he ran the Post Office at Todwick Other comics were a Cockney named Albert Frost and a plumber named Bert?Ransome? They were a hilarios twosome. Shelagh Lynes dancers provided the chorus girls at one stage
  7. I have just been informed of the death of our old Maths teacher from the 50s and 60s at the old Eckington Grammar School. Mr Gray reached the advanced age of 89. Many former pupils were full of praise at his ability ot make numbers interesting. He also ran the 5th Eckington scouts for many years. Many old pupils have said how they were inspired to carry on with their education by Mr Gray. I only hope there are as many inspired teachers still around today. R.I.P
  8. Thanks for your help. I seem to remember trying to get in there after returning from Glossop Road baths, but there was always a long queue
  9. Can anyone remember where the first Chinese restaurant was in the city. I think I remember in the fifties a place starting up on West street/Glossop Road calling itself the Rickshaw. It was so popular originally that there were regularly queues outside waiting to be let in. Orwas it the Zing Vaa on the Moor. I know that the Zing Vaa was, and is, a more pretentious place, and that official visitors from China ate there
  10. What you are suggesting is the main view of Chinese Confuscianism. The Chinese for many millenia revered their ancestors and it would have been unheard of for an elderly matriarch to have been excluded from the immediate family circle. However when the Communist tok over in 1949 this belief was frowned upon . Pensioners were still well cared for , but they were communally the responsibility of the commune. When Thatcher started encouraging the establishment of these homes for the elderly most of the new landlords were from the medical profession, and few if any were caring people. A change of government, and the supposedly Socialist government has just carried along the same path as its Tory predecessors
  11. As a small chid in the late 1940s I remember going past R.A.F Norton on the bus and seeing literally thousands of U.S Army "jeeps". When I asked why they were there I was told that they were all going to be scrapped, otherwise they would flood the secondhand car market at the time
  12. I thought the local soft water was part of the explanation, otherwise a very full reply
  13. I was watching a programme last night on channel 4 . It was set in Manningham near Bradford and dealt with a rather extreme case of a single mother with three hildren faced with having all her children at schools where they were in a minority, indeed they were only 2%of the children in the school. The son in Primary school had rebelled against this situation and his only mate was of West Indian extraction and was equally hostile to the Asian majority. However the girls in Primary school had absorbed the lessons from the local imam and were looking forward to the next term learning about Islam and following its rules. The lad in contrast was looking forward to starting at a new Secondary school with a more even spread of ethnic groups/ This programme dealt with the problems that children would face in that situation. You do not say what the child's views on the matter are
  14. The old Eckington Grammar school now demolished to mak way for Morrisons at Halfway. The house wereSherwood(purple) Peveril(green) Chandos(red)and Ferrers(yellow).Peveril always seemed to win everything in my time
  15. I wonder if the flying pigs will be powered by diesel. "old trains breaking down" oh dear! Some steam locomotives currently running on private lies ran for 50 years without breaking down ... and they could drop sand to make ineffective those "wrong leaves" and "wrong snow" which we are forever hearing about. When the early lines wer built the construction o the East Coast and the West Coast were obviously given piority, but the lesser lines down the middle of the country were given lowest priority, and it is unfortunate that Sheffield had stations on both the Midland and Great Central lines. It still does not change the fact that the third city in England is not connected to the capital by electrified lines. If as you say, electricity is very little better , why so much haste to electrify the two coastal main lines?
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