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  1. You need to complain to which ever site office too If the site are awear,maybe they can help I am an owner and rent out ,but there are no surprises with me I see some states of vans ,that owners think is acceptable It isn't !!!! You work hard to rent a van for your holiday and you shouldn't be scared of what your getting ,always do your research Owners aren't all the same ☺
  2. good evening could anyone help please im in the right place if anyone can i am sure my husband is 77 and recently suffered a stroke hes currently still in rehabilitation in Sheffield , and hes doing great really hes an avid gamer , c.o.d. battlefield , assassins creed etc for years now , so obviously this is a big thing for him as now hes trying to regain movement in his left hand as its taken his mobility , and left side has been affected , its very slow my question is , are there anything at all like a controller that can be used just using his right hand ??? until hopefully he can get some use back in his left hand again its so upsetting , i really hope there is something out there , and i would be so very grateful if anyone can help , many thanks and best regards sharon actually any console , i could easily change that to any other if needed xx
  3. Whatever data protection rules etc Surely I should be entitled to find out if possible , what and who hit my car Surely , that's my right Accidents happen That's why we pay insurance , well we do So now its going to be down to me to get it sorted , and it won't be cheap either , and I know it was a van that hit me and not a car
  4. pointless comment thank you though God bless you and have a great week
  5. good afternoon while parked in the wicker opposite martins good to go on the meters at kebabish and the space centre someone caught my white vauxhall mokka on the back quarter and wheel arch now thank you , as they did leave a piece of paper ,something from macdonalds with a number wrote on it , but unfortunately after trying to decipher every possibility , i can not work out the number it happened between 10.45 and 11.45 today can't be helped , but thank you for trying to make contact best regards sharon
  6. i would really love this where we can get advice and give help to other people going on holiday ask questions and get answers from people that have already been , or done it xxx sharon
  7. i think its the grotto outside oasis xx
  8. e bay get all mine on there whatever size you require x
  9. hi there is the tesco one on this sunday ?? 27th please is it imfirmary road ? and do you have to book , times ect , or just a contact number so i can call many thanks sharon
  10. when does this take place hun , is it on now , i am desperate to do a carboot to get clearing out my stock pile , don't want to wait until april lol thank you ---------- Post added 03-02-2014 at 15:48 ---------- found the website , might give it a try this sunday weather permitting thank you
  11. where will they be held please ? i would be interested will it be a mixed class so i can bring my husband too thank you
  12. shiregreen club , we had it in december , did all our own food , and bar staff brill, we could go in before and trim the room , and nothing was too much trouble , highly recommended
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