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  1. Looks to me as thought this picture was taken from the end of York Street the building you can just see on bottom right is what was known as Coles Corner and the trams are all in line on Fargate.
  2. You can get it in the market, one of the cooked meat stalls sell it
  3. Our city planners should take a trip to Norwich and see the market stalls. Neat, tidy and colourful in the city centre more of an asset than an eye sore.
  4. Couldn't agreee more, rather my bit of brass from tax go to fee travel for us wrinkles than proping up all these public secter pensions
  5. I give all my stuff the the Bluebell Childrens Hospice shop down the side of the Co-Op in town back of Primark. A very worthy cause
  6. Well I must admit when I saw the "Cutting Edge" go up outside the station I thought is was a bit big and would swamp the place. BUT after seeing the shots of the finished square on TV last night (the usual few seconds of cover if it's anything to do with Sheffield) I think the Square looks absolutley great. I think the Peace Gardens are a great success and this is even better !!!!! Well done to all involved with this project, I should think anyone coming out of the station to see this will be amazed.
  7. national insurance is not based on what tax you pay it is a fixed % of your earnings over a certain amount and is paid in the case of a woman until you are 60 and then youo dont't pay but your employer carries on paying their part of the contribution
  8. Which part of the sky do we need to look ? N-S-E-W
  9. I remember the Upper Heeley WMC I lived on Fitzroy Road just down the road from the club and me and my brother Alan use to go on the club trips every year. My father was a life member of the club, and also use to sing on the clubs in the 50's. Don't no if you know but the site of the club is now a senior citizens home, but Cat Lane is still there.
  10. Does the ratio of fat people have anything to do with how many Greggs shops there are in a city ?
  11. just seen your comment - no he wasn't one of the "International Acts" but I would have shot him out of a cannon at the drop of a hat.
  12. I walked through town last night and I must say I think the lights are pathetic. What's wrong with the main stores in town, couldn't they put up a few trees on the outside of the buildings and light them up ? High Street has next to nothing in the way of lights, in fact the whole of the city centre looked pretty dismal to me. I don't want to appear as a moaning old s-d but I am sure we could do better for the kids. What do you think ?
  13. Try humanitariam relief on Pond Street they are just near the 53 bus stop They collect and are pleased with any donation
  14. I remember meeting my first husband there - it's got a lot to answer to in my opinion.
  15. Yes I can remember the hole in the wall of the Heeley Palace, and I can remember the horrow films which they had on every Sunday. We weren't quite old enought to get in so us to go to my mates house and slap on the makeup. Spent hours in the Teen Bar and use to go hiking with them on Sundays taking the train from Heeley Station, As I remember every Sunday was sunny and we use to spend the whole day clambering about on Winnetts Pass at Castleton. Such great days in the late 50s
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