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  1. I am a great fan of Sheffield' Supertram. Its a joy to ride on it while going about my business. However I am very disappointed the lack of evening trams during the last week-end.(tramlines festival) the very name of the music festival relates to our local tram system. How strange it was not operating. Obviously Supertram did not want the publics business this weekend when alot wanted to travel to Hillsborough and also the central areas. In the bigger picture on Friday and Saturday nights the tram should operate untill at least 1am like i know Manchester's tram does. If a city wants a thriving nightime economy it needs a way for people to get there and get home again. I am further saddened that like this weekend there are never trams after about 7pm on New years eve and christmas eve. Is supertram operating for them selves or the wider public????
  2. Has anyone got any idea when Sheffield hospitals might restart Knee and hip operations now we are beginning to come out of the Pandemic?
  3. Hope to come down next Tuesday (1st oct) . I used to be regular up to 2 years ago but have undergone knee replacement surgery but think I am ok to play a bit. will be rusty though.
  4. This is the 2nd summer when the tram network to Middlweood is closed. Why oh why can't they do their work on 1 line at a time and carry on with single line working for the tram. Alternatively couldn't they work overnight. I have just taken a quick look at other tram systems (Manchester, Newcastle Nottingham and Birmingham) and none of these have any long term closures (apart from some weather related issues) I am quite disappointed with Sheffield supertram here, and their bus replacements are not well organised. So there!
  5. I enjoyed Eurovision immensely on Saturday night. I am usually out on Saturdays and this was about the 1st time I watched it beginning to end at home. It was brilliant. Long may it continue. I thought that of all the entries uk was the worst, very bland and ordinary and we deserve to finish up where we did. If all the other entries had been similar to our entry then indeed there would be no future for Eurovision. At least other countries do make an effort and produce very watchable performers. Can't wait for next year.
  6. I remember Giovanni's on ecclesall road. I moved to Sheffield in around 1990 and it was there then. it was opposite where Marks and Spencers is today. It was a Pizza and wine bar with wooden benches if that helps.
  7. We tried to call in to this lovely café last month and it was closed for renovations. Does anyone know when it is due to re-open??
  8. I had knee replacement surgery in November 2018. Everything seemed to go to plan apart from the reason for it all. 6 months on I do not seem any better in my knee or mobility than I was before the operation. I had really high hopes that I would be running and skipping by now. Am I just impatient?? I have been doing all the phsio exercises along with swimming and walking, which as I say I struggle with. Has anyone else had this operation ( it is quite common) and how long did it take to get some form of comfortable mobility.
  9. I had this operation in November 2018.It is now 6 months on from it and am quite disappointed with the outcome. My mobility if anything is worse now than before the operation. I do need my other knee operated on as I have atheritis in it also.. However at the moment I can't see any point as the operation doesn't appear to improve your condition.
  10. I was driving near to Strines inn (Bradfield) around dusk last Saturday night (14/07/18). I saw a very bright light in the sky, I couldn't determine any shape. It then moved horizontally across the sky for about 10 seconds. It then disappeared , that is the light went out, it didn't fade or anything. Its movement across the sky was very rapid. No plane would come close to the rate this moved . I have considered it might be a meteorite , but would have thought that they do not usually travel horizontally. Has anyone got any thoughts or did anyone else see it.???? as for UFO's , I am a sceptic , and still am but does make you ponder.
  11. I have a few questions about the Supertram and the park and ride facility at Middlewood; Can anyone help ? 1. I am fortunate to have a senior pass which entitles me to free use of Sheffield buses and the tram. However it is more convenient for me to drive to Middlewood park and ride but there is a charge at this facility. To avoid any payment I usually park on nearby streets. Surely this can't be right.??? 2.Using the Supertram there is a helpful digital display telling me when the next tram is due. Unfortunately this is nearly always so inaccurate that it would be better to turn it off. Surely Supertram HQ must know exactly where every tram is at anytime but it doesn't seem to be translated to the sign . I think the indicater only translates what is on the timetable and not what is happening in reality. 3.When are the trams and buses going run services on New years eve and Christmas eve. I am quite sure there is plenty of demand on these nights, and it is supposed to be a service for the public. Any comments please.
  12. Hi , I wrote this original thread about 2 years agio. My view is that private parking companies are pretty close to criminal; If you can I advise anyone where possible to park on the metered streets; At least here, if by accident you stay longer than the time limit , you are at least dealing with a responsible body (council) who fine you a reasonable amount and you have the option of appealing which are properly considered. I have been fined twice by private parking companies , each time it was £160.00 which I consider unreasonable, and there is no way you can appeal; beyond this you get threatening letters regarding court action. As I say I believe these companies are beyond the pale and should be outlawed.
  13. Does anyone know when the Broomhead reservoir bridge (Near Bolsterstone) will be completed. The road has been closed for at least 6 weeks, possibly longer and any diversion is a long way round??
  14. Can anyone clear up a small point regarding average speed cameras. If , for instance, you are on a 60mph road and you get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle for 10 miles going at 40mph and then you manage to pass it ; would you be able to travel at 80mph for 10 miles without being prosecuted by the cameras;
  15. The roads ahead program is still moving forwards I see but quite slowly; Still a lot to do but I question their priorties. They are causing delays on Manchester Road between Oughtibridge and Deepcar while they resurface the pavement. However this is largely a country road, and in 5 years of daily travel I have never seen any walkers on the pavement; Most of the way there are no buildings or even farms. Is this really necessary while there are large areas of Sheffield that really need their roads and pavements done which are used. Any thoughts anybody??
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