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  1. Skysports did also say May coming on as sub late in the first half was the only bright point in the game. ---------- Post added 14-03-2015 at 16:25 ---------- A magnificent goal.
  2. Skysports said the game is poorer than the pitch.
  3. There's only one 100% fact about this games outcome, SUFC will not lose.
  4. They sure do?. Which one by the way?.
  5. Another sell out game for Dem Blades away, the fans really do deserve a win.
  6. Oh back to that plaque again.:hihi:. I don't believe em pal no one would do that.
  7. That has no relevance to responsible dog owners or car park charges but if true it's wrong.
  8. Good comeback. A very wise decision.
  9. I'm not having it Grapps not one owl on here knows about it and I've asked a few. I'm glad it wasn't me who said it.:hihi:
  10. Gior wi thi sen , I'm not falling for that, Wednesday had a plaque up about the boxing day game.:hihi:, I don't know how you think them up. Pahahahaha.
  11. I bet that was some experience with 60,000 at the lane.
  12. Yes it's the same at the Lane my Grandson has a brick but someone mentioned a plaque earlier, are the United pictures of past Derby games?.
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