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  1. Does anyone know a garage in sheffield that repairs tail lifts?
  2. Would that be the Islamists that America created when they funded Bin Laden's Mujahadeen in Afghanistan, or the ones we created by invading Iraq, or is it the ones which are growing in strength in Libya, thanks to our military intervention there? So what is the proposed solution? Get involved in another Arab war because fourth time lucky?? Absolute genius.
  3. You are right, I wouldn't, I'd be speaking the native Gaelic of my ancestors, so thanks for emphasising the point.
  4. People in England are propagandised to an alarming degree, having been brought up with the Orwellian doublespeak of calling agression 'defence' and militarism 'security.' consequently, most people are in denial that the Uk is an agressive and warlike countr4y, both historically and in the present day. If not then how come there are so many other countries in the developed world that have managed to stay much more secure than we are without getting involved in endless military expeditions? Corbyn is painted as an extremist on defence, but a quick look around Europe shows his approach is quite normal when compared with the policies of most other countries.
  5. The tories are engaged in open class war with their dual approach of penalising the poor merely for being poor and rewarding the rich merely for being rich. Corbyn is the only Labour candidate who is willing to truly oppose them and reverse their excesses. Of course the mainstream media - owned by just the types who benefit mostly from tory policy - is going to try and scare everyone by repeating the mantra 'Corbyn will make Labour unelectable" ad-nauseam. Don't believe it for a second. The numbers of people expressing their supportfor him speaks for itself. What many of the anti-Corbyn faction are really afraid of is that real change would mean they will have to contribute something to society, instead of just taking all the time. That goes for the new labour/tory lite carreer politicians who will adopt any position they think might get them in power, where they can get their snouts in the feeding trough.
  6. So if things can't just appear, how did God appear? Just because people don't believe what you believe doesn't mean they think their isn't an explaination for the universe. But some people have the basic intelligence to realise that we don't know what the explaination is.
  7. Yes, he would obviously benefit from some mentoring from a wise individual educated in the school of life. One who is able to demonstrate their wisdom and mental equilibrium by telling other posters their mothers are prostitutes when challenged, perhaps.
  8. You ought to be locked up. It'd stop you trolling.
  9. I appreciate your honesty in stating in a straightforeward manner that you support an ethnic war and land grab against the Palestinians. A breath of fresh air from the mealy mouthed hypocrisy of those who interminably pretend the Zionists are defending themselves while they conduct a ruthless ethnic race war. And it is funny the way many European extreme right wingers now support Israel because they hate Muslims more than Jews these days, when in the relatively recent past they wanted to murder all Jews. What is even weirder is the way that the extremist Zionists are quite happy to accept the support of the people who tried to wipe their own kith and kin from the face of the Earth not seventy years ago. Racial supremacists are an odd bunch.
  10. It is Israel which is systematically destroying Palestine, by driving the Palestinians from their land. Israeli settlers are quite up front about it. They use the bible as if it is some kind of legal document equivalent to the deeds of a large tract of the middle east. It would be easy to dissmiss them as just an insignificant bunch of fruit loops, were it not for the fact that the Israeli military clears the Palestinians from the land, guards the settlements, and engages in large scale retaliations against Palestinian civilians as a collective punishment for the actions of the militant groups which would inevitably spring up in any society subjected to such treatment. Then we have the likes of you, telling us that no, it is the Palestinians who are attacking Israel. It is the Israelis who are the victims. Black is white. Up is down. ---------- Post added 30-08-2014 at 19:41 ---------- Disputed territory? Disputed in the sense that the people who are stealing it say it is their's now, because of the bible.
  11. YES THEY ARE http://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/oct/10/israel https://www.btselem.org/download/200205_land_grab_eng.pdf The report in this second link has been compiled by Israelis. Probably Hamas supporting antisemites. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/14/us-palestinian-israel-settlement-idUSBREA3C0KK20140414 There are pages and pages of stuff on google relating to Israel forcibly displacing Palestinians from the West bank to take their land. You should try reading a bit more.
  12. No, that was definitely the Israeli military who did that.
  13. Are you insinuating I am an antisemitic terrorist supporter to portray me as some kind of monster so you can negate what I'm saying without discussing it in a reasoned way? Wouldn't be the first time it has happened on this thread. Hamas haven't killed, maimed, orphaned and made homeless tens of thousands of Israeli civilians in the last few weeks alone. Hamas aren't driving Israelis into refugee camps so they can steal their land and build Palestinian settlements. If Hamas ever start practicing barbarism on the same industrial scale which the Israeli state does, you can be sure I will condemn it in equally strong terms.
  14. I think it is the thousands of civilians they've slaughtered and maimed that has got people thinking they are attacking civilians. What about those four kids they blew up while playing football on the beach? No rocket launcher there. Or the direct hit on the UN shelter? To name but a couple of the many atrocities the Israeli military has committed in the past few weeks alone against the civilian population of Gaza in a tactic that is commonly known as 'collective punishment, and banned under the Geneva Convention.
  15. What do you mean 'your aliasses'? ---------- Post added 30-08-2014 at 16:39 ---------- Flattening Gaza and killing and maiming thousands of people and making refugees of thousands more is 'giving aid'??? Black is white, up is down.
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