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  1. As the OP stated, there has been plenty of threads about cyclists, this was his experience of a car driving down the moor. I completely fail to see how someone stating his own experience can be labled a troll :loopy:
  2. Hahahaha try a 14 year relationship and then living on your own, wierd to say the least!!!
  3. well the first guy who you dropped it off with is responsable for it, so its his problem to deal with, no one elses!!!
  4. Its ok, can get a bit lonly on your own sometimes thoand u have to warm your own bed up, and thats no fun in this weather lol
  5. Yea, spotted that, i thought the OP was about a car??
  6. i know that this will not get it back, but the garage have a duty of care for vehicles left in their care, worst comes to the worst, you should have a fair claim against the garage for the vehicle's cost!!
  7. let them take your friend to court, they not got a leg to stand on, the only tink they can go for is breach of contract, and if nothing was signed, then no contract, the court will laugh at it
  8. Usefull when needed, but normal service will resume once the snow gone lol, its coming down thick in Gleadless Valley now!!!
  9. Hahhaha, i was just thinking that as well from the comments posted about you in the past
  10. at the end of the day, its a "sold as seen" so he isn't entitled to his money back as its a private sale!!
  11. Just spotted u on deal or no deal, fingers crossed u did good, tho why im keeping me fingers crossed i don't know, u already know how well u did lol :thumbsup:
  12. I live just around the corner from the school and its quiet around here, i would deffo recommend the area, tho the school, well thats another matter!!
  13. its snowing....thats it the price of gas will double tomorrow :suspect:
  14. Walk away, what goes around comes around, my ex has tried twice to destroy my life since we split 8 months ago because of her cheating, in the end, neither of them worked because the truth came out, now she has nothing, no house, job or money and has even lost her children, at the end of the day, it was all her doing, i never once tried to take revenge on her, but left to her own devices she destroyed her career and life All i can hope now is once she finally gets all her problems behind her, she realises what she has lost and tries to rebuild the trust of her children because at the moment they do not like her, its sad but thankfully im here to support and love them, but that part of my life is well and trully behind me thank god!!
  15. "3. The average distance between the stars in the sky is 20 million miles." I think its a LOT further than that
  16. Just out of interest did they ask for proof of your age before accepting your bet?, and if it was done online, then tell them to just credit the card that was used to deposit the funds to make the bet in the first place, thats what i did when i won $1600 once in an online casino and they did that no problem!!
  17. My son has an Xbox 360 but its not got a hard drive, now i have a spare 100GB portable HD with usb 2 cable, anyone know how i can get this to work with the xbox so we can start to download games and save them to the HD?
  18. True, but no council wants to actually want to INCREASE emissions and risk being spanked by central goverment do they :hihi:
  19. knowing the bus gate, and the route around it through a residential area, i would have thought that there is a VERY strong case if you went down the increased car emissions route, as you are effectivly pushing vehicle emissions into a residential area, and thats not good for kids or adults, coupled with the increased petrol usage, now what you would call very carbon friendly of the council is it...mind you..i dont think that they are in general anyway :loopy:
  20. Thankfully i have cancelled the virgin service, tv, phone and internet, im now with BT and use o2, 8 meg connection and as im a customer it costs me £7.50 a month and i have sky installed, best move i ever did, Virgin are beyond useless, they down right lie to you about their service levels, i would never use them or recommend them to anone else ever again
  21. Well if its on your land, then BT should be paying you for the usage of your land, other than that, you bought the house "as is" so knew that the pole was there!!
  22. I think the chances of that are slim at best, he would then have to explain why he has also got 2 facebook accounts, and im sure that he would not want that can of worms opening up!!!
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