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  1. No we will survey your home and advise you Thanks ---------- Post added 11-08-2013 at 19:59 ---------- Also there are lead company's / call centers calling advising of free boilers so they can sell the lead on Make sure by asking who will fit the boiler and what boiler they are fitting You can then go to sites like which ?? And make sure the are the best
  2. Just thought I would advise valley services are fitting vaillant boilers free for home that are on benefits If any one wants to know more or ask any questions please feel free I want to be the company that help people out of fuel poverty and give them the best So what that its free you should still have the best not a cheap boiler so company's can make more profit
  3. Hi I own valley services We are fitting around 100 free boilers a week in Yorkshire There are other company's fitting free boiler but we chose to fit vaillant not other cheap boiler just for profit We want to be the best So what if its free you still should be given the best quality I am here to help and advise
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