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  1. Yes me too! There is also a Book Club by Vox Sheffield which is pretty darn good, I used to go there. Not much drinking involved but very relaxed and fun. I always enjoyed a small red wine during meetings and that never caused a stir!
  2. Hi there, I am new to this forum but am interested in Astronomy. Would like to join an astronomy group but alas, I have very little knowledge (and limited brain capacity!). Does anyone know of any smaller astronomy groups (very amateur) or whether the official group are happy to accommodate poor learners? Many thanks Katie
  3. Hi everyone, Does anyone know of anywhere who specialises in organic/natural cosmetics? I currently make my own body butters (paraben/nasty free) using essential oils etc. I was wondering if anyone had any recipes or knew of any classes that might help me learn more. Many thanks Katie
  4. Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to this forum but not to Sheffield! My partner is moving up to Sheffield and is interested in joining a five-a-side team. Weekends and/or evenings. We will hopefully be living in S6 area but he is prepared to travel. He's not Ronaldo, so be gentle! If anyone knows of a team or would like to start one, or generally has any info as to where we might start looking for one, please let me know. Much appreciated! Katie
  5. Hi there! I hope you have had some luck finding a place. You might have more luck searching for properties outside of the city centre area as they are more likely to be more flexible if they are owned by private landlords. Hillsborough has great transport links if you are prepared to travel. Good luck and best wishes! Katie
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