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  1. There's a list of walkers on the forum here: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=511852 Hope you find one in your area :-)
  2. The company concerned at Marsh Lane are planning to use it for themselves to make plastic so it's not going to help anyone's gas bills...not that that would change my mind...
  3. Over 400 people, not counting those that could only walk part and those people that came out of their houses to support. :clap::clap:
  4. https://www.facebook.com/Paws-itive-Canine-Sensory-Garden-1622101918028731/ Maybe contact these to see how secure their sensory garden is? Long line leads are great too
  5. Just a reminder that the march is tomorrow. If you are anti-fracking then please even if you can only make 10 minutes of the march please come and 'vote with your feet' I focussed on Mosborough as the march starts there and it's in Sheffield South Yorkshire so I felt as this is the Sheffield Forum it would be more relevant... If fracking starts, there will not just be one well, they will all need to connect within a few miles of each other... you can wave goodbye to the beautiful English Countryside(landowners are being approached everywhere at the moment and they have approached ones in Mosborough). Plus the Marsh Lane one is likely to go under Mosborough. Its easier to see examples of this in pictures so maybe join the Moborough against fracking group for a look as I'm not sure how to attach photos on the forum.... or if you don't want to join then try Google for some info. I googled 'Fracking near schools USA' earlier and 'fracking Pennsylvania USA' Have a good weekend everyone:)
  6. i don't want fracking anywhere else in the U.K. (I'm glad you also think it's happening in people back yards though)...There are alternatives. It's not a clear cut case of no fracking, no cars. However if you argue it is then surely living in a democracy the people should have a bigger say on this major issue? i might move to spain and run my car there since fracking is banned there and in France.lol But yes, if that was the choice, I value my house and health over my car..... Like I said, I'm not an expert nor much of a debater so you should head over to Facebook groups to see what they say about alternatives to fracking... I just popped on here to tell people about the march on Saturday as that is Sheffield's backyard... I might send them the link to this thread but not sure how many will be Forum users...
  7. Love the discussion going on here! Thanks Blackydog! See you there!:thumbsup: I'm shocked that so many people compare this process to mining...maybe that's what Ineos are hoping will happen by targeting an ex mining community. Fracking is not mining... Surely we can agree on that? Personally I think the fact that's it's an ex mining community is even more worrying as to what's going on underneath the surface. I came across an open tunnel just the other day while walking in Eckington woods! Ineos aren't fracking Marsh Lane to fuel my car or house from what I understand it's for there own company. Jobs could be a small argument way down the list of priorities in favour? But they are temporary jobs and investing in alternative methods can produce jobs. But when you pit jobs up against the risk of damage to your home, water supply, difficulty getting insurance....will those few jobs really be worth it:confused: I would love it if some people that aren't sure or even pro fracking would take some time to attend a local meeting. Changing your mind in a few years when fracking happens will be too late so get involved now and don't leave it to the politicians. People power is important here I think... Just for some background knowledge I've never ever protested anything before and like everyone I have a busy life, but having looked into this I now feel morally obligated to give it some time and attention.... Including spending my Sunday morning writing to my MP...wonder if I'll get an answer to my question Thanks for reading my waffle guys, I'm not much of a speaker/writer:wave:
  8. Meeting at Mosborough Queens pub at 11:45 then at 12 marching up to Eckington precinct to leave there at 1 up to Butchers Arms at Marsh Lane. Even if you only walk a tiny part of it or have pre match drinks at one of the pubs along the way and help us make some noise in support as we pass that would be great ... look at it as a vocal chord warm up for the match! Lol! UTB! :-)
  9. An S20 resident was approached for their land shortly before INEOS proposed plans to drill at 'Bramleymoor' Marsh Lane(near Eckington,S21) The fracking threat seems to be coming closer to Sheffield and the countryside around it.... are Sheffield city residents aware what's going on the outskirts of the city? A protest march is planned for the 25th February from The Queens pub at Mosborough, through Eckington and then up to Marsh Lane. Setting off from Mosborough at midday if anyone can make it? Or even part of the route? If you are unsure about what the threat means you can join several facebook groups to try and keep up to date, just search for: Sheffield against Fracking Eckington against Fracking Mosborough against Fracking Thanks for reading
  10. Thanks, that's great, I will pass that on.
  11. I've known a few people that have used it and they have got the odd walker through it but they still have to use a professional dog walker too...
  12. All wormers are a bit different so you might be using the wrong one or one that's not strong enough etc Talk to your vet and they might advise a different wormer. Also you can use Wormcount to find out exactly what worm you are dealing with if need be.
  13. Did you manage to find out about this group as one of my customers is also looking for a local daschund meet to take her dog to...?
  14. My friend had an implant for her dog that lasted around 9 months. I think she said it was around £200 for a spaniel size but don't quote me on that. I think I would be tempted to go down this route with my dogs in future rather than jumping straight to neutering as neutering was a bad decision for one of my dogs.
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