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  1. I remember walking through Botanical gardens, towards the exit leading to Tesco on Ecclesall Road, when a woman who begged there asked me to... Uh... Make sure a pigeon was alright? I just automatically said 'no, sorry' because I assumed they wanted money, but she got super upset and started screaming, telling me I need to find someone who works in the gardens and tell them there's a pigeon that's hurt. I just said I would do so she'd leave me alone.
  2. I agree, but the issue with council and housing association housing is that you have to seriously go out of your way to get evicted. Renting privately, my landlord will evict people if they step out of line too often. I remember the flat next door would have someone come round making a racket. The third complaint was the last and they were out; I wasn't even the one complaining because I barely noticed it, but the rules are far stricter (and better IMO). In the housing association place, living next door to the fleabag and the couple above me smashing the place up every weekend, I gave up bothering to do anything. I would seriously move; just go on Gumtree, I've never been happier after I left.
  3. Is moving just not an option? I lived in a housing association flat for nearly a year and it was awful. The guy next door often brought in stray cats full of fleas, which ended up infesting the entire building. No one cared, I moved out as soon as I saved up for the deposit and rent, never been happier. When I was 18 and moving out the first time, in a different city, I had a decent council flat for around £41 a week in rent and no social issues. I wouldn't ever bother with them anymore though.
  4. Direct EU funding, along the lines of giving a grant to pay for a new building, is one small part of a much bigger picture of what actually happens for every member country in the EU. There's also the grants that UK farmers through the Common Agricultural Policy. But, again, not really the biggest benefit through membership. Bigger than that is that we have access to the single market, so we're able to sell goods and services free of tariffs and duties. This makes us really attractive to businesses that want to sell to the EU. For example, the automotive industry alone employs over 700,000 people. Nissan in Sunderland build over 500,000 cars per year, but only sell 19% of those in the UK. We can import parts and materials cheaply due to our status as an EU member, so we're able to sell at a competitive price. This is just one industry, but the same general idea goes to others. Losing our membership means we are just not attractive to invest in; less investment means fewer jobs. If you're just interested about immigrants, the UK isn't part of the Schengen free-movement agreement. We have also always had no problem in restricting immigration, and were the only major country to not exercise our right to implement transitional restrictions. Immigration from Eastern Europe after 2004 was so high because that lack of restriction made us us such an attractive destination to find work, we only implemented some restrictions around 2011. I'd imagine the benefits of cheap labour played a big part in this. I'm only scratching the surface really. I honestly have no idea what the benefits to us leaving are. WTO trade rules simply seem worse, flat out worse, than what we already have. The idea of having the rest of the world to trade with just sounds utterly silly because; [1]- what stopped us doing that anyway [2]- much of the world is simply poor. I'd rather be selling to 5 rich men than 100 paupers. You could write a book on this stuff, but all you heard is 350 million on the side of a bus and too many brown people. My biggest hope is that I'm simply poorer for the next 5-10 years. I can handle being poorer I guess.
  5. Hundreds of portaloos to be deployed on the motorways in the wake of expected gridlocked lorries. I'm not sure if that story belongs in the Mail on Sunday or the Sunday Sport.
  6. From what I remember, the chemicals used a few years ago actually were outlawed. The effects they had weren't particularly healthy, but they weren't making people comatose in the streets. When this happened, the manufacturers had to resort to other chemicals with lesser known effects. What will also happen is the plants that this stuff gets sprayed with will then get a coating of RAID (the pest killer). Lovely stuff.
  7. That's for a moving service, and I very much doubt it's 99p (and if it is, I wouldn't trust them moving a piano, or trust them not to nick it).
  8. Been looking for studio / bedsits with bills included in Sheffield lately, anyone know the best places to be looking? I've been on Gumtree (not that many, half are for students), Rightmove (mostly flats, high fees), Openrent (mostly rooms) and Spareroom (mostly just rooms, again). If I check Gumtree in somewhere like Leeds then I find quite a few new places daily, aren't there that many in Sheffield any more?
  9. For anyone interested where all the pro-leave people are, just take a look on the Leave.EU Facebook page and try not to let your jaw hit the floor.
  10. Anyone know when the new chippy opens up? Google has some times listed, but they're inaccurate and I don't think they have the times on the front.
  11. How much are people spending on heating in this kind of weather? I'm on about £2.50 a day on electric total until I get my gas uncapped so I can use the radiators and pack away my little electric (which is only good when you're less than 5cm away from it).
  12. Moving into a housing association flat this month and I'm wondering what kind of deals people are getting with their utilities nowadays. I'm looking at switching to Robin Hood Energy, but what kind of prices are people here paying per month (duel-fuel gas & electric)? I just went with British Gas as that what the last tenant had, but it's a pre-payment meter and I'm looking at getting it switched to a credit meter instead, so I can just pay regular monthly bills instead of topping the thing up every week, but I think all the main utility companies do this for free provided you pass a credit check.
  13. Gumtree is an option, people sell leftovers.
  14. All my bids are somewhere between #5 to #15 in the queue, so it means that 4 people have to refuse the offer if I'm in the #5 position, etc. I'm #1 or #2 for some of the dodgy areas like Batemoor or Gleadless, but I never bid for places in those areas, heard way too many bad things about them. Guess I'll keep at it for another year until I get somewhere where I won't get robbed.
  15. I suspect the lets with recent dates are simply in Bands A to C, aka urgent needs / homeless. Band D is a thing, unless the website is simply lying, most people are probably there. https://www.sheffieldpropertyshop.org.uk/content/Information/Prioritisingapplications
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