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  1. Is this the same massive support that attraacted around 12000 at home when they were struggling in the old 2nd division in the early eighties. Bandwagon jumpers who'll soon disappear if they do a Leeds. It's a toss up between these two
  2. 2008 SUFC throwing the p i s S, 2009 SWFC taking the P i s S
  3. I've really tried to keep away cos it does become a bit much on here with all the nonsense written and thread hijacking. I just couldn't resist to look at your and some of the others posts. The excuses, the bitterness and the unrelenting torment of being done by Wednesday is always quite something. It's been worth the visit though ha ha ha. How's it go "Blades win errrrrm Wednesday lose" ? Just for the record it had been 95 years (hell of a long time) not 95 derbies. Just try and be less biased, just for the record
  4. Thanks for that Antichrist. Apart from the requirements what you've mentioned (I hadn't a clue) I had a feeling that he was waffling and as you say, he doesn't want to put his name to it. Thanks again
  5. That's what I thought and said Vidster. the door is only about 500mm square and would be a nightmare to feed thin strips through. I agree with the weight issue though but I only intend to do about 8'sq
  6. Hi, I need some advice off someone in the know, so to speak. Me and my OH are moving into a new build in a couple of months and we have asked the builder (Persimmon) if we can put some boards in the loft space before the roof goes on. The access to the loft is only small and because there's not a lot of storage space in the house we thought it would be a good idea to do this. However, the site manager has refused to co-operate saying by boarding out the loft, it could cause damp and reduce the insulation efficiency . Can anyone out there confirm any of this or are we having our legs lifted a tad. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  7. That appears to be that around 25,000 is about the best you can do then, even in a comfortable play off position.
  8. Sounds a lot like 'Tales of the unexpected' to me
  9. Pathetic. Watch the replay niiiice annnnnd slooooowly. It was not a challenge and it doesn't happen on any given match day (unless Morgans on the field maybe?)but a blatant elbow in the head for crying out loud. Did I say owt about taking points away? now that would be more stupid than you.
  10. Just because **** happens doesn't make it ok. A lot of **** happens in life , but why should it be acceptable for someone to walk away from violent conduct scot free. Someone else has said earlier that if that offence was to happen on the street the offender would be charged with GBH. Just because Morgan is a dirty footballer it's ok.....
  11. Read my post fool. If Hume is to have to finish playing football (it is a bad injury you know) because of Morgans inability to contain his thuggery, then Morgan should have to follow suit. An eye for an eye. This behaviour shouldn't be allowed, it wasn't a clumsy challenge or mistiming but a clearly nasty, career finishing, attack :loopy:
  12. There's a lot of squirming and denial again from our red and white friends. Why is it they believe they should be untouchable, no matter what the evidence is ?. Morgan deserves a well earned ban, his elbow must have been sore for the last few days. I hope Hume recovers 100% but if for any reason he has to retire from playing because of this malicious thuggery, then Morgan should hang his head in shame before he gets a ban for life. To possibly take away a man's livelihood because you can't get the better of him actually PLAYING football is despicable. Sums a lot of things up to be honest
  13. We're really struggling to find anything around Chapeltown, High Green, Thorpe Hesley or North Sheffield in general for tonight(5th). Anyone out there know of anywhere. Ta
  14. The Ski village aint a bad size, not a bad venue either. Bit of a pain to get to and from though
  15. Sounds like you've bottled it a bit there. Were you in legends or not or just more fantasy? Carpet slippers at the ready so as not to make any noise when the taxis arrived on the corner. Rubbish
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