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  1. Hi all - I've have a studio booked but currently on hold in Sheffield as the photographer has dropped out. This is a shoot featuring a male model (myself, 56) and a female model (30). It is to art nude level, shooting both individually and together. We are both life drawing models and want to put together a portfolio to show prospective clients. If anyone out there is interested in stepping in, please get in touch. Time and date to be agreed. This is a tfp shoot, but the studio is already paid for by ourselves. It would be ideal for an experienced photographer but also for someone looking to get experience in art nude photography.
  2. Hello all - after a long delay I'm now able to finally relaunch this service, with all the necessary hygiene protocols in place, from 6 July. This is an outcall only service currently - if you would like further details of this treatment I have a FAQ sheet available on request. Thanks.
  3. I'm a mature student (male,50) working on a thesis about the occult, in particular the beliefs of Alisteir Crowley. I'd like to meet or speak with anyone with experience of his rituals and magick or the occult in general. Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm a 50 year old guy who works as a life model for art groups, colleges etc. I'd like to have a portfolio of a few shots to show potential users of my services - if you're interested you can reply on here by PM or mail me direct at lifepose-response@yahoo.co.uk thanks Craig
  5. hi, definitely keen to work with you - have tried to call a few times but keep getting your voicemail. will keep trying you anyway and hopefully will speak soon!
  6. yes ken that's what tfp means thanks - to Donny, if you're not interested why bother replying, particularly in such an impolite way. art classes rely on people like me, among many many others of course. (thanks for your support beechwood!)
  7. I'm a 50 year old guy returning to life modelling after a long break. I need a portfolio of shots to show prospective employers, ideally on a tfp basis. If anyone can help please get in touch. Thanks.
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