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  1. Anyone remember this hidden gem? Late 80’s early 90’s, used to go for a ride round the ponderosa park. Lovely horses, one called Pete (black soft as a brush) and crystal, Sandy. I was only about 8 years old. Anyone have any information/ memories xx
  2. Thanks for your info! Glad to hear they are aware but little seems to be done as there is more each day. The whole area round here is polluted with rubbish it’s vile. Seems to be old household waste. Perfect for rats ?
  3. For the past few weeks the car park has been filled with rubbish, more appearing daily. It’s now hard to park if you arrive after 8.30. What is going on ?????
  4. Definitely heard it, sorry to disappoint you doubters! It sounded like they were heading out of town and back again four or five times. Really dangerous for late night workers/ drivers.
  5. I’m not going mad then! It was awful, hope the idiots get pulled for it next time
  6. In the very early hours of this morning (3am maybe) I was awoke by seriously loud cars or motorbikes racing somewhere near Stannington, it could have been down in Manchester road as it was a very still night. It went on for over an hour. Has anyone else heard this?
  7. Hello there is a public post on Facebook tonight informing of a man trying to access peoples houses in the nether gate/ Oldfield area. Please lock your doors .no more details at this time
  8. It adds up to 80squid per month! I've been parking in town this week it's just too dark to risk it. Sad we can't feel safe even when trying to get to work. Scumbags
  9. Thanks for the advice both, I'm certainly going to park closer to town after this. Here is a lot of smashed glass on the road which suggests break ins.
  10. I park on pittsmoor road as I work in town and refuse to pay. Anyway- today at 3.30 pm just as dusk was falling I headed back up to my car. Out the corner of my eye as I headed up the hill just before the cement factory I noticed a black guy dressed in all black watching me. He began to walk, and my ESP kicked in big time. Why would he all of a sudden start walking? He was coming up close behind me by this point so instead of heading further up the hill where there was less passing traffic I turned round to face him and said loudly in my phone "I'm on pittsmoor hill" as I walked past him he glared at me and clocked every item on me from my shoes to my bag. I quickly walked back down the hill to Derek Dooley way as he carried on bk up the hill. As my car was at the top of pittsmoor hill and I needed to get home I started to head bk up the hill thinking he would have scarpered. He hadn't. He was hiding behind the wall watching me. So again I ran bk to the bottom if the hill and waited about half an hour to go back up. Thank god he was gone. I called 101 and made a full description. Please please be aware when you are walking in this area there are plenty of bushes at the side of the road anyone could be pushed into them.
  11. The big massive sycamore at the bottom of catty lane , the rocky track that leads off stopes road in stannington. Only a few people will know what I mean but it is like looking up into a cathedral with sun shining through the branches and all kinds of birds making a home in there. It brings me utter peace
  12. I think you will find the vast majority are , even if it's just tax credits!! Having a council house is a benefit in itself. I have nothing against benefits I've claimed myself in between jobs- my point is aimed at the council
  13. Yes if you rent a property, the landlord may (extremely doubtfully unless there was a major leak) offer to fund repairs. He would be bound to this lawfully. If you own your own home though the cost is down to yourself.? £67 million on roof repairs is a massive sum of money! And yet I've overheard a few conversations while I've been pinning out the washing , people saying how they 'opted out ' because they didn't want the disruption. My point is- instead of blowing 67 mill on doing all the roofs why didn't they just check which ones actually needed doing? If people can opt out- surely they must have been told their particular roof wasn't in dire need of it? I've even heard folk complaining about the scaffies being too loud and intruding on their homes ..... Duh, what do you expect! ---------- Post added 25-06-2015 at 12:53 ---------- Alisonmanic- thanks for the info. Surely as asbestos is classed as a carcinogen (class a) all homes in sheffield not just council should have the option to buy into this scheme? For example pay 70% of the cost or even 100% if they can afford it? Why does the council only look after people on benefits?? That's not what the purpose of the council is
  14. This is going on up Stannington at the moment on well green road. People who have council owned homes are having a nice shiny new roof done for free, out of our pockets. Now, I'm all for this scheme, obviously it's dangerous to live under a decrepit roof and many if the tenants would never be able to afford to pay for it doing them selfs. A couple of questions regarding this A) is it an 'opt out scheme'? And if so what criteria does the roof have to meet health and safety standards? The reason I ask this is because many of us private owners cannot afford to get our roof done but if they are still not within health and safety legislation surely the council owes it to home buyers to at least carry out a survey? B) How much does each roof cost to repair? Are the council paying for all of it or is it a percentage based on earnings etc C) why do so many of the residents having their rooves done feel it's their right to slag off the scaffolders for disrupting their gardens and patios - what do they expect? Magic fairies to fly up with the tiles?? D) is it just me who finds the whole thing a bit bizzare??? We are still waiting for oldfield road to have its craters filled in after many many years of complaints yet the council prioritises this over public highways? ---------- Post added 25-06-2015 at 12:05 ---------- http://m.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-home-roof-costs-of-67m-too-high-says-resident-1-6908722
  15. Hi, mum to a 3 year old lively intelligent loving girl, partner is a shopfitter and works away all week and some weekends. I also work full time aswell as doing to nursery drop offs etc and it's blooming hard! God bless my parents for helping without them I couldn't do it. Anyway my question- any other people here in my situation? Could just do with a morale boost. My daughter has plenty of good friends it's just difficult at weekends as they are all busy with their mummies and daddies doing family stuff. Being the sole entertainer is a job in itself! Thanks for reading
  16. The population explosion means we HAVE to create more homes.... This sight is derelict and needs using for something. I have lived in stannington all My life and love the surrounding beautiful area more than anything. I hate the 'not in my back yard' attitude and firmly believe that we all need to review the facts before complaining. But , and it is a big one... This road is NOT going to be able to support the traffic and the other feeder roads affected eg stannington road, hollins lane, spout, rails road.
  17. Thinking of getting my teeth done, laser whitening to be precise. Any reviews/ warnings?
  18. We pay 98p for 2 litres of OCM milk. Always fresh and delivered at 6am ready for breakfast
  19. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated or associated with OCM
  20. anyway.... Our Cow Molly is in Dungworth, just on the way to Bradfield from Stannington!
  21. advertising the fact that you are a cynical troll you mean? Some of us are genuine so don't try and look all clever on my thread
  22. It has benefit for the whole community- local farmers, local schools, pubs, greengrocers. Whereas buying from a supermarket over 50% of the cost goes straight to them. Wrong! There is Our Cow Molly and a few other milk suppliers locally- Mosley's I believe. If in doubt ask around and get signed up! ---------- Post added 22-01-2015 at 14:57 ---------- Not 100% sure but I think eve's fruit shop in the precinct sell it
  23. Recently we have started getting it delivered from our cow molly in Dungworth. Sick of drinking massively expensive crap milk from major supermarkets who rip the farmers off (apparently 40% of dairy farms have closed since 2007 due to out-pricing by the big 4 supermarket chains) support local dairys people! ps our cow molly milk is delicious as is the ice cream
  24. Manc Stanny would find this interesting !
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