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  1. This is well worth watching if you are interested to find out about the real Nigella
  2. That dunt make him wrong about muslims though dose it?
  3. Well thats a slight knock to an otherwise damn fine plan
  4. Hang em high, Hang em long, Hang em till they start to pong!!
  5. Agreed, but try telling those deluded muslims theres no reason to do it that way.
  6. Sounds like the scart to me too. I have one you can try. Save you buying one if it dunt work. Let me i know and ill bring it round to you or meet you somewhere with it.
  7. Perhaps theres more scrubbers that live ear that one?
  8. Speak to HR or get another job. No job is worth stressing about.
  9. Halal = Throat cut (after a little prayer of course) then the animal slowly and painfully bleeds to death. Western way = Bolt in head, job done! I cant understand anyone who thinks that an animal slowly and painfully bleeding to death is the right way to go about it,.
  10. Nothings changed in respect that you dont have to do squat when you get one of these invoices. Thats all they are, no change in law has happened to make them as legally binding contract or a point of criminal law. Ive had 3 this week, 2 last, a couple the week before. I sometimes keep them for bog roll if im skint but they usually go in the bin. ---------- Post added 28-11-2013 at 19:36 ---------- Just ignore them and save yourself the ulcer
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