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  1. Was wondering if any one could help with suggestions of a cafe bar in central Sheffield that may be available to host a book club meet on a Thursday night from 7 30pm TIA XX
  2. That makes perfect sense.... How blinded was I ? Though Tarot readings are meant to be about guidance in your life, not necessarily to predict your future. I think thats where a lot of the problem can be, some clients may want to only hear what will happen in there future, whereas the cards they choose, may not contain anything about that, but some guidance to do with present or past situations. The future is never set in stone either, a tarot reader can tell you what may occur as a result of decisions you might be making in your life just now, but everyone has free will dont they. I read the cards when I find myself at a cross roads with a problem right now, not so much a problem but just something that's in my mind i'm having to decide about. And as such the cards chosen are subconsciously the answers I already have. I do not use the cards to answer questions such as..... Will I get the job?
  3. I absolutely do not believe that we must all follow a supernatural path, I do however think that we all are following a path, be that a path paved by your God depending on your religion, a path of Darwinian principal, a path of alien experimentation or indeed a path whose name we do not know. I also don't believe that people should believe in that which I do, for me it's make sense that we are connected to that in which we live. The all alone comment was again not meaning that poster is actually all alone because they don't believe as I do, I was meaning do they not tread a path as others do..... Maybe they don't realise they follow something.... But surely there is something that motivates them even if they cannot name it. And I admit the darkened heart comment was most harsh.....their heart is not darkened because they do not see my way.... I felt they were unduly offended at the x representing a kiss.... Symbolism I was using to show that I feel no Ill towards poster not feeling as I do, but was offended when they did not take it as so. I am here only to please myself and would not ever dream or contemplate hurting another by my feelings
  4. Not exactly...have you ever had that feeling that you know who's is ringing before you see caller id.....ever had a feeling that you should buy a scratch card and you've won etc... Reading cards is much like that, the pictures and symbols contained therein give you a feeling for what they are meaning Some cards are speaking to me but others the symbols aren't making sense and was wanting a bit of direction.... As it's commonly believed that only psychics read cards... This can be a misnomer and anyone can learn to read the symbols contained in the cards and your inner voice allows you to pick the cards that relate to your questions Hope this is as clear as mud
  5. Thank you mister m ⭐️ ---------- Post added 11-02-2015 at 22:10 ---------- Alice bb I am sorry I offend you with a kiss..... What may I ask has darkened your heart so ? Surely you must believe in some path of creation? Or are you all alone in this world ?
  6. Thank you for your opinion.... I do get of the house most days and enjoy a 5 mile stroll in the peaks but the cards are a path I like to return to now and again much like a bible for a Christian May your days be merry x
  7. Hey all Have recently purchased a new tarot card deck after many years not reading and cards are not talking to me.... Was wondering if anyone knew of tarot card classes in the area Thanking you )•(
  8. this event will not now be taking place sorry for any inconvience
  9. thanks for the heads up....cant tell this is very new for me can ya ? or that im very desperate:cry: for the charity event to make a success.....back to the drawing board
  10. small kids fair ground rides wanted to attend charity summer carnival in July TIA x
  11. do you own or know anyone who has an helter skelter ride that would attend a charity event for a local childrens charity in July ??? TIAx
  12. amateur punch and judy show wanted to attend a charity event for a sheffield based childrens charity.....kids together club reg no 1074825....to be held in July TIA X
  13. a summer carnival is to be held at a primary school in the north of sheffield, as yet no date is set we are putting out "feelers" for stall holders.....particularly looking for fair type stalls including but not inclusive of, candy floss stall, hook a duck, coconut shy, kiddies small rides/roundabouts. of course any other types of stalls entertainment or attractions are needed also.....any one able to help please pm and i will give more details xx TIA
  14. A parent led friendly caring and passionate support group for families of children with neurological disabilities, autism, adhd, add, odd, ocd, pda, tourette syndrome, epilepsy, global development delay to name but a few. We hold fortnightly exclusive hire play sessions on tuesday between 6.30 and 8.30pm starting next tuesday february the 4th 2014 prices for under 3 yrs £2.00 and over 3 yrs £2.50 there is no upper age limit Come along meet parents and carers who can empathize with your situation, always on hand to throw the rope to help you climb that mountain. And most importantly let the kids run off some steam meet new friends and generally have a good time
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