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  1. Hi, I' one of the organisers for the entertainment at this years Sheffield Food Festival. We are looking for singers/duos to perform in both the Peace Gardens and on the Moor (PA equipment provided) we also have a few band slots left on the Peace Gardens Stage but not many so they will fill up quickly. The style of music needs to be suitable for all ages. If interested send us an application here: http://youngmusic.co.uk/2014/01/20/sheffield-food-festival-2014/
  2. Might be able to help - what's the best way to contact him?
  3. Been having problems too was advised to hard reset the phone so it picks up the strongest signal, still not much better/still cuts out from time to time
  4. Have any local bands entered this? I am currently supporting welsh female fronted rock band Kane'd http://download.redbullstudios.com/band/kaned/ as they have previously performed at a charity gig in Sheffield that i arranged, but if any local bands have entered I would love to support them too
  5. I love this band. Great guys, amazing live.
  6. Hi, I've found them now thank you all for your help
  7. Thanks, I think I saw that thread too but I did a search and couldn't find it.
  8. I don't think they are as I don't have a car key on them. Thank you though
  9. Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I lost a set of keys in the Longley area last Thursday and wondered if anyone had come across them? There's a specific set of keyrings on them of which should make them easily identifiable including a tesco clubcard keyring. Thanks, Natz
  10. Personally I would never buy likes from these sort of emails/organisations, as unless they are somehow targeted 'likes' you could be getting people from the other side of the world or fake profiles following the page. You may be able to get 70+ extra followers this way but if none of them are interested in your product/are real profiles you've just wasted money buying false statistics. At least if you build the likes yourself, you know that people who have liked the page are genuinely interested in what you are posting about. I also strongly disagree with most of the 'like for likes' schemes currently going on at the moment, again most people who like a page as a result of this scheme seem to be there just there because they want to build their own likes or a friend has asked them to join to help to build theirs. I would love to hear what other people think of these type of schemes though. Facebook actually have a facility of which you can use to generate targeted ads, maybe this would be of more use than buying 70+ likes of which you don't know where they are coming from? They offer pay per click or pay per insight, I've never used them myself so wouldn't be able to tell you how effective they are. Have you invited friends who may be interested in the product or service to join? If some of your friends join, a couple of their mates might see it in their newsfeed and join too.
  11. Hey Email me for a slot on the radio if you like? The Local Talent Show on Sheffield Live 93.2fm (http://www.sheffieldlive.org). I'm Natz the producer/ one of the many presenters of the show and my email is Natz@allthatpromotions.com & you can also contact the whole team at localtalent@sheffieldlive.org
  12. 07/10/12 – Young Music Upcoming Artists Pop Showcase - Sheffield Wednesday FC , Hillsborough, Sheffield, S6 1SW In the 1867 Suite (main reception) Acts Performing: Philippa Hanna – https://www.facebook.com/philippahanna Sour Cherry – https://www.facebook.com/SourCherryMusic Lauren Tate – https://www.facebook.com/LaurenTateBarnsley Angels in Chaos – https://www.facebook.com/AngelsinChaos Carla May – https://www.facebook.com/CarlaMaySings Beth Flanagan – https://www.facebook.com/Bethflanagansinger Time : 1pm – 6pm Tickets : £5 Adults , £3 Under 16s Tickets can be bought in advanced from the SWFC main reception or on the door on the day of the event (subject to availability).
  13. My brother is a personal trainer ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/B-fituk-personal-training/399652010098932?fref=ts ) - sorry its facebook his website isnt quite finished yet. I dont think he does contracts i think you can either book single sessions (not sure on pricing) or a bootcamp session which is 4 weeks, 3x sessions a week for £99 I believe. He's highly qualified and a great bloke.
  14. Paninis are really popular at the moment - if i'm out and about for lunch that's usually what i'll grab
  15. Just seen something over S5 - a trail of lights and moving slowly like nothing i've seen before. It seemed to low for meteorites - my thought was some sort of low flying plane?
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