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  1. Ok, so my Shower has pretty much died a death. I have a Triton Combi HP shower, that basically ain't working. Upto around 6 months ago, the shower was hot and powerful. So dunno what has happened but now it only gets hot when the central heating is on (this was never a problem before) and at best I can only describe the flow as a trickle. My Combi boiler is in good working order and all the Hot Taps work fine (with or without the central heating) so I have deduced the problem is the shower. I have bought the same shower (just the updated version), so I am just wondering how much work is likely to be involved in replacing the shower, and does anyone have any idea how much it is likely to cost me! Many Thanks.
  2. Thanks all for the replies! I'm mulling it over now
  3. I am 28 year man, married with 2 children. I am getting fed up with people telling me I "should" be able to swim. Most of my family, friends and colleagues seem bewildered or disgusted that I can't swim and have no interest in learning to swim. As I try to explain to people, I have a fear of my head being underwater. I have no logical reason to be afraid but when I have tried to put my head underwater I panick and turn into a crazy screaming banshee (and almost end-up drowning myself through fear and panick! So since having water in ones eyes, mouth and ears is a fundamental part of being able to swim, I am unable to do so. People tell me that if I learn to swim I will overcome my fear. However, being as the first stumbling block is that I am unable to submerse my head under water I can't really see a way forward. Not forgetting the important point that I have no interest in swimming. I do not feel that I am missing out on something, I don't want to ride the banana boat or take up canoeing. I doubt this would change if I could actually swim - I just dont feel comfortable in large amounts of water. Yet, I do feel pressured by other people. I get the occasional "who will teach your kids how to swim?" - I think its pretty obvious that it won't be ME, but by the same token there isn't a shortage of swimming instructers out there. I make the point now that I would be happy for the kids to learn to swim, if they want to. I get confronted by what if your driving the car and it ends up in a lake/river/atlantic ocean scenario. Well in that case my times up! But I would avoid the situation if possible - I don't routinely drive into rivers! So should I give in to the pressure and give swimming a go, or should I tell the mob to get lost?
  4. Hi there, I'm thinking about applying for a job with Sheffield YWCA. I know they have a supported housing project for young mothers and women with learning disabilties. I've checked out their website but its quite general so was wondering if anyone knew where they are based in Sheffield, and what they aim to do? I'd also been keen to hear from anyone what has used their services or who works for them. Thanks pers
  5. Hi everyone, My Chimney Stack really needs re-pointing sooner rather than later. It is s single chimney stack located at the Apex of the roof of a 1960's 3 bed semi. Can anyone give me a rough idea how much it will cost to have this work done please? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Which Junior School does Winocabank Infants School feed to? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all, Does anybody konw what time Reception opens at Police HQ in the morning? Thanx
  8. About 4 years ago my wife and I returned from a Holiday in Tenerife landing back in the UK at Leeds/Bradford Airport. The flight had gone very well until we started the descent, through thunder, lightning, heavy wind and rain. Outside the cabin it was impossible to see anything at all, as it was pitch black. The turbulence was the worst i've ever experienced (and I consider myself well travelled!), the plane literally dropping about 10 feet at a time, and violently shaking from left to right. After what seemed like an eternity we cleared the clouds to see the airport, which looked essentially flooded. Coming into the final approach the captain came on the tannoy and said "Ladies and Gentlemen this is a do or die situation so hold on to your butts, its gonna be a rough landing" - the humour was lost on most of the passengers. I should say at this point around 80% of the passengers had their heads buried in sick bags and the stench of puke filled the cabin (causing more sickness). As we were coming down toward the runaway it all seemed fairly normal then the nose dropped sharply and we came down and hit the deck so fast and heavy everyone was flung forward, and the plane banked to the left, the tip of the wing was scraping along the runway with sparks flying off it! The luggage fell from the right hand side overhead lockers onto the walkway. The plane then seemed to balance itself and we managed to taxi to the terminal without a problem. I have to say, it was one of the scariest experiences of my life, and the faces of everyone as they got off the plane was chilling. Everyone was totally pale. It was the first time that I have been on a plane when it came to a complete stop that everyone didnt start scrapping for their luggage to rush off the plane! Ironically everyone was sat in a stunned silence (with the exception of those still being sick). Till the captain came on the tannoy with "Ladies and Gentlemen, thankyou for flying with [i forget which airline], we hope the landing wasn't too uncomfortable for you. We hope you will travel with us again soon!" The passengers then left the plane very slowly, and politely with no rush! I just wondered what other experiences people had of flying!
  9. Any1 got any ideas on where I can get tickets to see Joseph? Most of the websites I have visited are sold out already :-(
  10. I flew from Heathrow a couple of years ago. I got train from Sheffield to Doncaster, then Doncaster to London Kings Cross. Then the tube from London Kings Cross to Heathrow Airport. The train journey from Doncaster to Kings Cross was excellent, in fact the whole journey was great, no hassle, quick and efficient. It was a high speed train to London took around 2 and half hours I think!
  11. Thats is a horrible horrible shop. They always have plenty of staff with only 1 or people on the tills. In my experience the staff were terrible. They are not polite, do not smile and never say thank-you. And don't get me started talking about that woman who works there purely to remind us that the devil lives. She is just awful.
  12. I might try Sainsburys and see if they sell it
  13. I am printing off these recipes and going to the supermarket today :-) I must have some pease pudding now!
  14. When I was young nipper, and used to visit my Gran in Geordie-land/up-north/county durham she used to make a well known local dish called Ham & Pease Pudding. It was fantastic hot or cold, had a great mild taste, and for all I have managed to find recipe on the net its quite a fiddly thing to make (when I have such little time on my hands). I have been looking round to see if any shops in South Yorkshire sell it, but haven't found anything yet. So does anyone know if it is on sale round here? Cheers.
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