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  1. I would second Flo Fennel's post. Carpet is not good and "technically" you can't bring it on to Sheffield City Council allotments anyway...
  2. Snowing lots now here in High Wincobank. Our road has a grit bin because we are on a hill but people have been coming and "stealing" it all day! I don't really care as I am still on maternity leave and so no work for me tomorrow, we have plenty of food in and a few bags of coal to keep us going
  3. BBC weather are saying "watch this space re. more snow on Friday/over the weekend". But don't let that stop metcheck making another ridiculous prediction http://www.metcheck.com/V40/UK/FREE/dayforecast.asp?zipcode=Sheffield&day=3 It will feel like -14 on Saturday apparently
  4. Lost is quite simply the best TV drama (or whatever you wish to call it) ever made. Thank GOD Virgin now has Sky 1 again! I am a bit peeved that the season 5 premiere clashes with the new season of Supernatural tonight but then that's what repeats are for! I will watch Lost tonight and Supernatural on the repeat (Thursday I think). Can't beat a bit of good telly
  5. How do people feel about meter readers? I politely refuse to let them in and it often causes quite an unpleasant response. I don't care if they do arrive in a meter plus van, with a meter plus badge... They could have meter plus tattooed on their forehead for all I care, I don't know them and so they are not coming in our house when I am home alone just me and my baby girl.
  6. lorry lost its load of concrete blocks and they fell all over the road.
  7. The only way this could POTENTIALLY impact on your credit record is if the company took you to court and obtained a county court judgement (CCJ) against you and you then decided not to pay this. So, even if they did the most unlikely thing of taking you to court and even more unlikely they actually won the case, your credit record would still be untarnished if you then paid. They will tell you anything to get you to pay - they know full well there is no point taking you to court because you will win and they will be left with the costs and, depending on the judge, may even have to pay compensation to you!
  8. Our blue bin was emptied today but our black bin was not. We did have a note through the door but this hasn't stopped everyone putting their bin out on the street anyway
  9. I had a fantastic labour and birth. I opted for a home birth despite a stubborn consultant but luckily with the support of an amazing community midwife. I was in labour from 11am and delivered 7:20am the following morning. I had constant contractions from around midnight, I thought she was never going to come out! I was pushing for about an hour and a half and it's the hardest thing I have ever done but I never once felt afraid. It always felt a completely natural thing to do and afterwards you feel like you can do anything! Although this feeling is soon lost when the reality of caring for your first newborn hits home I know without any doubt that had I gone through this experience in hospital I would have been terrified and also probably had drugs/intervention. There was no screaming, swearing or anything and the neighbours didn't know it was happening. They said afterwards they heard something around 6:30am but they thought it was a pigeon
  10. When I was school, all I wanted to do was learn (especially Maths). Whilst in primary and juniors I feel that having the same teacher all day every day for the whole year was very beneficial; abilities were recognised and I was given the appropriate work. I didn't need to be segregated from other kids - that's what red, blue, green and yellow 'table' in each class were for! However, when kids attend secondary school I feel they become somewhat lost, with so many different teachers and having to move around the school all day for different lessons.
  11. I think it's more a case of dangerous to your enjoyment of food, rather than dangerous to your health. I don't use a microwave because I'd rather have crispy jackets not soggy tasteless ones.
  12. Our 11 month old has started having bedtime tantrums. She is A-OK until I place her in her cot and then all hell breaks loose. The first night I thought she must be ill, as it was out of character, but soon realised she was just trying it on, as everytime I went in and picked her up she immediately stopped crying (and I'm sure looked a bit smug aswell)! It took 2 hours to settle her. So night two, we let her scream the house down for 45 minutes and then she settled. I don't even go in to check her - we have a baby monitor to make sure she isn't being sick or anything. I wait until she is fast on and then go in and put blankets on. After putting her down for her afternoon nap today , I had 5 minutes of screaming before sleep... wondering what we'll get tonight!
  13. Just make them up and store in fridge for up to 24 hours. Our health visitor said it was ok to do this and that the guidelines are belt and braces only because some people don't adequately sterilise.
  14. Hi Purrball, yeah Nordmann Firs are the no drop ones I was referring to. Other half is getting ours today. Wonder if they'll be cheaper than last year, with all this credit squash business. I think the £45 price mentioned earlier in this thread is a little steep. £20-£30 is a better deal in my opinion.
  15. £60 ones here: http://www.bathstore.com/_application/bathstore/products/baths/bath-panels/acrylic-bath-panels/
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