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  1. Thank you again denboy5 for bringing some of my memories back to me. I remember being taught how to make the beds with the very neat hospital corners at the bottom ... and also the pillows always had to be placed with the open end away from the entrance of the ward. I still practice the same procedures to this day. I also wash my hands very regularly as we were taught to do then. I wish I could turn back the clock and relive some of my times as a student nurse then. The uniforms then were so lovely. I had a long cape that would keep any Eskimo warm in Winter. Nurses would just wrap the capes around their bodies and it would feel like an electric blanket. When I left Lodge Moor Hospital the uniforms were just being changed to disposable wear. What a shame. The older uniforms were so clean and the aprons crisp and white. I loved the short sleeved cuffs and the caps we had to wear. I feel so sad when I think how things have changed.
  2. Hello and thank you for your message denboy5. Lodge Moor Hospital holds many happy memories for me but also some sad ones too. Because it was an isolation hospital the patients often were long or very long term patients and it was very easy to get attached to them. It is such a pity that the hospital is no more. I remember the glass cubicles in which the very infectious patients were placed and the training for the nurses at that time was so strict. We were not allowed to call each other by our Christian names when on duty...it was Nurse Holmes or Nurse Moss etc. oh.....and the matron......she was very fare but how we feared her. They were the days.
  3. I was a student nurse from 1967 and there were two polio victims then. One man, Dennis, was in an iron lung...he was lovely. The second man was on a rocking bed and not as disabled as Dennis. Both men were very friendly and I loved nursing them. I wish I could trace some of my nursing friends from that time...especially my best friend Sue Moss who I have sadly lost contact with now.
  4. Hello, I am new to this forum and I hope that I will be able to trace any friends from my student days in Lodge Moor Hospital ...from 1968 to 1971. I was called Stephanie Holmes then and my dearest friend was named Sue Moss. I have lost touch with Sue. She came from Doncaster. I would dearly like to find her and anyone else from that time.
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